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Poetry is not the turning loose of emotions. This had been pointed out by one of the greatest English poet of all time T. S. Eliot. Yes we do agree with him. We believe most of the poets and readers of the present time would also think so. Yet, it is also true that without any emotion, words and lines can never be transformed into poetry. So, emotional interpretation of your feelings is also vitally important for writing poems. But one has to control the release of emotions while interpreting his or her feelings in case of writing poetry. Poetry actually demands this from its creator to control the personal emotions in such a manner that the words and lines can represent impersonal interpretation of the feelings with a world view in the canvas of eternity.

Only then the readers can relate themselves with your poetry. Otherwise poetry remains the personal notes of its creator. Now with this belief or point of view if we proceed we’ll find that most of the written poems are actually a turning loose of emotions of their creators. Actually this is the basic instinct of human beings to portray their feelings in writing poems. Even the readers are more or less accustomed with this type of writing especially in the social media over Internet. We know, with this invent of Internet and with the revolutionized communication system with the commence of social medias, the tsunami of poems that fill our screens everyday are of this type. It is because anyone can publish his or her writings any where over the net. You don’t have to submit your poems to the renowned literary magazines and wait for months for the publications, which would depend on the editors. You can publish your own e-Books or even the printed versions through e-commerce. So in this present time anyone can claim to be a poet. It is only up to your wish and the economic strength.  And it is happening everywhere. Internet has made it possible.

Actually this is the time of confusion. Who is the real poet or actually what the poetry is. Nowadays people do think poetry is the only medium that can be easily ventured upon. So, almost everyone is writing poetry overnight. If you ask them how long are you writing poems? If you get a honest answer, you’ll find most of them are writing poems not more than for six or seven years. Yes, this invent of information technology has made it possible for all this so called self proclaimed poets and poetesses. Even if one would observe the proceedings of the social media giant face book; one can easily find this truth. Keep a keen eye of interest over the walls of your own friends you’ll find most of the walls are jammed with everyday poems. Now, one can argue that it is better to try out with poetry than to spend the time doing nothing creative. Yes we hope everyone would agree with this argument. We have nothing against it. Although this is not bad for society as a whole, yet this trend is not good for literature either.

Then what to do? This is the ultimate question for the literary fraternity of the world. Should we consider this trend will actually bring mediocrity in literature? Or can we believe that with the passing of time this trend will be phased out eventually. These are the questions of this time. We don’t have any clear-cut answers either. We can only try to work out some ways or methods to put some checks and balances into these proceedings. Again another question will crop up. How can we do that? And even if we can find out some way out, it would still be remained as a question of morality that who are we to put our judgments at this level? No, not only we or someone else or any other institutions can become moral police of literature. In spite of these we can only encourage others to uplift their literary taste for the benefit of the literature as a whole. Yes that can be done, and even over the internet. Our Poetry Archive is only trying to do this since its inauguration in web publishing.

Our readers are well aware of this fact and we are constantly trying our best to introduce more and more new poets of highest literary caliber around the world. We believe with this continuous process of uninterrupted endeavor to bring out poems of highest literary merit can eventually uplift the overall taste of the readers and upcoming poets as well. Without becoming the moral police of literature, we think this is a way out from this confusing time of which we have discussed earlier. And to our relief we have got the encouragement blessings and supports of many renowned poets and poetesses from different parts of the world to make Our Poetry Archive one of the rearguards of the literary frontier of this present time.

Just like all our regular issues this July we are also presenting more than hundreds poems of forty one poets and poetesses of the world. This month we are also glad to present poetess Claudia Piccinno of Italy as the ‘Poet of The Month’. Readers will find an interview of the poet taken by our editorial team supervised by poetess Deborah Langford and poetess Stacia Reynolds.  We are really grateful to the poet for the interview and hope our readers will also enjoy both his poems and interview.

We have good news for our readers; this general edition will be followed soon by the much awaited edition of “OPA Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry”. This anthology will feature near about three hundred poetry from all over the world. Please wait a while for it’s’ publication. We’ll inform about the publishing date in our face book page and group as well.

Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication of your copy righted materials in OPA well before the 21st of every month. You can also add one short Biography written in the 3rd person narrative along with the submission. With this note I would like to invite you all to this collection of poems of the World Poets. I would also like to convey our gratitude to all the poets who have participated in this number with their literary brilliance, on behalf of the entire editorial desk of OPA.

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