Saturday, July 1, 2017




I was busy
Etching life
Had little time
For the ordinary things
The PTA, the spelling bees
The homerun and the goal
The merit badge,
The summer camps
While I worked on and on
The years
Went by
Time ran so fast
It left me far behind
While the clock ticked
I worked away
No time, I found to go
And now, I find
The little things
Have become
The most amazing things

My lost and timeless treasure
Was always within reach
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2015


I saw city lights
And bright streets aglow
I dreamed life
Would be grand
An ongoing show
But within months
The city lights
Lights burned
Dim to sin
While I felt
My soul wither
Sense of being
I  Knelt
By the road
All at once
I was home

In my   dream
The wind blew
On the fields
The land full
Of tall   stocks
Of ripe golden corn
That swayed
I n the breeze
It shook the corn stocks
While the cobs
Fell to the earth
Where I picked each
And everyone
To cook in a pot
That bubbled and hissed
Oh how I have missed
The little farm house
No hot water
No heat
No road of concrete
No shoes,
Patched attire
Beans, rice
And corn flour

Four dirt roads
That ran North,
South, East
And West
In my heart
Was the best
Where my mother
I see
Waiting for me
No grander place be
The little farm house
Place that grew
All my dreams

© Juanita Garcia Vera


 An angel came
Into my dream
He quickly put
My mind at ease,
Reminding me
Of you
He had your smile,
 Your laughter,
Y our
Youthful spirit
We talked at length
And laughed for hours
Until the morning light
The place was,
O h, so grand
There was a garden
Filled with exuberant hues
The flowers so bright
And grass so green
There were colors
 I had never seen
The scene heightened
Every sense I had
 And some
 I had never sensed before
While flowers swayed
Amidst the breeze
Fragrant scents
Surrounded me
The bluest sky
Before my eyes
It had no beginning
And had no end
Its splendor shone
A radiant glow
The sights I saw
Made my heart sing
It was
The sound of Love, 
By music notes
It was
The sweetest   sound
 I had ever heard
An angel came,
 But left too soon
He left
Without a word
His fluttering wings
W ere so white,
So big,   so strong
 He gently held you
I n his arms
As he flew
Into the blue
I heard you
Calling me,
 I could not speak
Or move
I was astounded
By the sight
An angel came
Into my dream

He let me know
That he was with you
The day God
Called you home

Dedicated in memory of
An angel
My Son ……..Abel Vera
September 19, 1982 – April 28, 2004
Written and inspired by a vision I had a few months after Abel died


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