Saturday, July 1, 2017




My pen cries to utter what my heart silently murmurs
Would it  cover what my thoughts wished to speak for?
Would there be an ending of this abyss of distress that somehow would change to unity and happiness?
Would be the writers inks have enough power to transform  the dusk into  love and light vastness?
Nothing impossible...that's the believers are standing for..
Would be the little ink left in our pens will show its own essence?
Would be the calling of our passion be also a part to unite nations?
Can we speak out not to bash but an access of peace?
Why can't we pray for every race, culture  and belief?
That we aren't here to fight and towards each principle, we do have respect
That whenever we talk softly and not harshly, we can mellow down hatreds
That it is a futile to use our fingers to point out others faults or mistakes
Why we are so inclined  to side with whom we stand for?
It's time to look for the lives of our brethren and not to feed our hunger of power as we  dwell on earth just temporarily
That whether we like it or not, we will leave this place bringing nothing and handling empty
Why we cant understand that all might be almost right and all might be also wrong?
There are no sides from our sights which are completely bright  and gloom
There'll be always a way to find our equilibrium
Why we can't go out and be an instrument for unity and oneness?
For us to fight this apocalypse we are facing at the moment and we'll continue to be facing if we won't ask for Wisdom and deep Faith..
My heart is yearning in ardent, how about  yours?
I strongly believe we can have  our share whatever our status in life, we may be rich or poor..
As those people who are blind now can be a temple of love in the future..
If we wont start it now, then when will be the right time?
Love and sacrifice for once, the world is needing us
Show  your talents not only in a contest but in a context of unselfishness
Let us be a source of love in the form of Art our one God has bestowed upon us.


As I looked outside throughout the window at my bedside
My thoughts were trying to deviate what my heart feels inside..

I checked my phone looking for anything unknown
I wished to skip and let my emotion lead to be blown

I entertain my soul to the melodies new to my ears
I smile though I know later my face will be wet by tears

Without words I know you can read my heart perfectly
By simply staring my eyes you know what I wished to say

Even in our distance I sense the warmth of your breath
And simply thinking on you made my spirit wildly raise

Yet not now isn't  the right time to think much as before
Not now is the day to follow both our hearts once more

As we behave kindly for the welfare not for ours alone
Let's be enough grateful as for now we both share along

..the  eloquence of  the stars and the brightest moon..


Moving towards the overflowing spring
To quench my longing of refreshing
To emancipate from the futile worries
And from the shackle of uncertainties
Soaking to the cascading bubbly flow
Caressing my thirsty skin to start aglow
Oh water of bliss, can you soothe more?
Awaken my heart to its deepest core?
Restore my delight, Oh wondrous spring
Debilitate all the matters that hinder
Infuse me ethereal light so brightly lit
A wonderful soul and a spectrum spirit
By your own touch, facades and whisper
Heal the pain and bring me an answer
In oneness with the multiple light bearers
Heal my world and let all worries slumber



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