Saturday, July 1, 2017




No win can blow my dream
The dream i grasp day by day
Though the night has no stars
Only the moon be my hope
To succeed what i dream
Never i tell this to my fellows
For it is a secret ...
But once i delay to negotiate
Because of the winter coming
While the leaves are falling down
No one can help...
To say it will be my task
Even to resist the falling
If the dream be factual
That all what i think will be there
It is a real
I will be waiting till to die
Let them see around
As long as my breath is running
With the lighting of the moon
To provide the lives
Wherever i come to fetch the hope
Before coming into the silent land
God merely knows ...
Where i conceal my mind
As long as never i hurt one's feeling
And let this world see and hear
What i do for the sake of lives
To record the truth from time to time


Don't let thy love not be blooming
Though you are under the tree
When the sun is shining
You will not be able to conceal
Where you are...
Since the lighting is bright to search for
I merely remind for trice
That thy love doesn't go away
And not to fly away as like a bird
You should know how deep the see i dive
For the blooming love i keep in
My mind is used to be...
No suspect for thy love there growing
Like a beautiful rose to wait for the spring
And what to say if it looks like this

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