Saturday, July 1, 2017




There was no argument, no fight;
Yet you left without a word quietly
Perhaps, tired of the monotony...
In the midst of a dark night!

Left for a reason so naive,
Far beyond my perception.
There you walked down the narrow lane,
While I cried of insolence, in acute pain,
"Only death will do us apart”
Words now a faint recollection...

Like a bouquet of bane in indolent Fane
Like a dim figure in grotesque gloom -
I saw vague shadows dancing in my room.
Shattered and forlorn I cried to sleep...
Tears absolving ... cajoling wound deep.

A few wispy memories of togetherness;
Left an undefined feeling of sadness,
An obscure turn of events,
Your words obnubilating your intention;
Was this veiled message, my love’s destination?

Never meant to hurt you, never would wish goodbye,
You were so arrogant, were just another man!
I alone am dealing with the ghost of the past,
Pretend to be oblivious as much as you can.

Stretching beyond ordinary scope,
Still holding on to the sinking hope...
My love like fire in the hearth,
Now, although burnt charcoal black,
Will wait for light years in despair
Until the day you come back.


In darkness like a nymph you rejoiced
Holding a bunch of laburnum
Your bouquet of love!
The hatred in your eyes had seen
I died much before you longed.
But my scathed heart still whimpers
As lusty misty night lingers
Still earthly desires in it burn
Like a little nightingale still it cries
Delicate breast against a thorn.
Have learnt to live in hurt and pain
...Smiling all along
Pain, you could  never feel or see
For, all those life pages; I have torn.

Sweet love, longed for a tomorrow ,
Tempted my cold heart, nudged and poked
Swirled in the shadow.
As I tried to sleep
Whispery sweet cravings
Woke me up with a start
Dreams reflected on a colorful kaleidoscope!

Dream again never!
Seen them fly away
With the westerlies
Standing on a desolate beach
Seen the golden sands slip off my palm.
Cried hugging the blank canvas
Watched the tulips wither and scatter every dawn
Love again never!
In your unrequited love,
My heart, still is numb.


In a crystal droplet I have seen a world,
I fade in your colourful fizz and twirl
holding you to my lips...time flies.
In an unknown magic glows
these beseeching  eyes!

In elation, I have entrusted my own fate...
I drown in the madness of your love
made you my Lord, I don't regret
You make me heave, make me jive
Without you barren I breathe!

Saki, don't betray, I pray!
Like, a marshland giving way to heath
I refill you knowing, in each sip,
I'm nearing inevitable death
let me kiss, remain in a bliss
until my last breath.


NANDITA SAMANTA is an Indian poet, a resident  of Kolkata, West Bengal.  Presently a house wife, was in a teaching profession and had trained many participants for inter state and state dance competitions. Although a Bengali, is a multilingual poet, a short story writer, a reviewer, a dancer and an artist. Her works are well appreciated and published and her paintings have been displayed at various exhibitions. Her works feature in various international and national anthologies, magazines , journals and e-zines, poems have been aired in U.K. And US radio channels and translated in 2-3 different languages. Three of her short stories have been published and 3 in the process.

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