Saturday, July 1, 2017




Opposites attract
So they told me
Nature provides things
On purpose
Even emotions
And feelings
And love
They said.
Every aspect of existence
Was there for a purpose
They said.
And this
My love,
My sharer in womanhood!
Kept me away.
For our union posed a threat
To the bubble
Called morality.
And I looked for traces of love
In my own oppression.
And learned to translate
Pain into pleasure.
And thus I tried to confirm
To my received sense of nature.
If only
I could understand
That my own happiness
Was also nature’s fulfillment.
I would hold on to you.
I fall into this abyss
Of empty words..
And wake up each morning
To make a face
To meet the world.


A nerve in her brain
they said,
And her universe collapsed
She became strange
to the world
Or the world became
strange to her
Non-existent even...

Do we not all
Live in our own
Fragile universes?
Our own little pieces of
and imagination
And will it not end for me
When this intricate bundle of nerves
my brain
stops working?

And yours will continue
to grow
the way mine
continues to grow
Even when hers has stopped?

And so we stay
in our own universes
And try to conform
and find some sense
Actions and words
Creating hell and heaven
out of them for ourselves..

And my universe continues to grow..

And I try
to locate her somewhere
and want to believe
It's just one universe
for us all..

My universe continues to grow
and I know
I will find her someday
I will conjure her up
with elements of my sense
and I will find her one day
sleeping in her bed, maybe
passing through the corridor
under some old tree
or just beside some bush
beside the sidewalk..
but I will find her
I know
in my own universe..


I would have explored your riches
As the sun hunts
the treasures of the earth
and I would have opened your bud of love with my kisses.
I would have touched the darkest corner
in the forest of your heart
and found the purest pearls
from the deep oceans of your eyes.

I would have touched the crystal of your frame
and created ripples all across your delicate form
and I would have drunk deeply
and rejoiced in the intoxication of your blood.

But a wall comes in between,
a wall as clear as glass
and hard..
as if
you are standing on the other side of a deceiving mirror
I see your form
and I dare not break the glass.

No fruits will bear our love
No vegetation will prove our union.
Let us be like two rivulets
playful and free
and mingle as if we were ever the same
and be one for the eternity.
And let us vow
to take a journey together
to meet the endless ocean of Souls..


PRIYANKA PANDEY: *Born in Patna Bihar She is a research scholar from Patna University, Patna. She has published poems in international books. She contributes in Rag Queen Periodical and Lehigh Valley Vanguard through her prose and poetry. She strives to focus on unequal status of women in society. She is also an environmentalist. She teaches English Literature to high school children.

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