Saturday, July 1, 2017




I started this walk, years ago
And met many mad moods
Of queer kinds with messy minds
I didn’t get down spirited
Rather my eyes remained young
Willingly wild on this hunt

Years walked by pacing too fast
Now I’ve paused not to recall bygone paths
But to realize meticulously and actually
How relishing is this Pause!
No taste ever matched it
Nor any sight–more catchy-stands near it

My heart is on a joy halt
Now this halt, riding my mind mindfully
Clearly I visualize – an arrested mind
Not at all minding heart’s delicious doing
Committed and caught my mind yields
Deliberately to soft spell of sugary mist

Flesh and bone together enveloped
In this misty spell, reigning my complete self
Submitted I too stand silent, waiting
Only to be swayed and swayed
My halt got converted cleverly
Into self-drawn seduction spree

Wonderful world wooing wildly
Dragging delicately this docile Dove
Into the deep den of dreams
Showering sharp showcase of shine
To make a newly found world
Where passionate powers are poured

To update tender tempers toy fully
Where walls of warmth welcome and
Befriend at their best with a beautiful backdrop
Fountains of frolic feelings flow fast
To melt your total self into
A mesmerizing maze of magic

Had I ever decorated my eyes
With divine dream like this
Or destiny went deliciously kind
To register this mysterious moment
To my life’s account that too so ordinary?
Now mindful and meaningful task time is ahead

I am to go further and farther in this dreamy den
Forgetting each open end, closing candidly clear clues
I am to grow young and old here only
Stepping forward is catching more contentment
Let nothing encounter my skin and site
That can crush this beauty bestowed

Remind me not of rest
Rather unrest my brain and intellect
To tread tireless on this thick misty route
With every move, I wish to squander
Breathings belittle and preciously possessed expressions
Under the cover of exquisitely enlightening mist


You are that Booker Prize
For whom many coveted but I’ve got
To love you madly has become
Inevitable crime and truly I fear not
You were and will be in demand
This aching heart does well know
Should I welcome this envious ache?
Marketable mind just let it go
My non-stop yearning will go on
Hungered craving itches everywhere
And courageous confession to crime
Pines for divine share...
Will you too be my best half in crime?
Verdict will be out by the ever flying time


Clouds of misty guilt
Hover many minds and seeking souls
Necklace of ornamental lies
Adorns artistically to beautify shallow roles
Rescuing love without harming life
Repeated lies leave wounds unhealed
And sharply cuts beautiful bond of ties
Slowly snatching softest treasure of trust
Sparing the true hearts to struggle forever
Under the shady cover of deadened
Yet vibrantly vague love...


NEETU VAID SHARMA is a poetess from Jalandhar City, India. Being a passionate poet and loving person, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her book “PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS”. She has penned around two hundred poems to her credit. Though she had tried her hand in short story writing and handful of essays; her crowning taste lies in poetry genre only.

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