Saturday, July 1, 2017




Isn't the sky a divine letter
with Sun, moon and stars as its indelible letters
written by God with heavenly ink
that perpetually entice and blink?

It's a marvellous creation of the greatest Creator
with a hidden message for each creature
that every moment changes its texture
from blue to crimson or grey to azure.

It's a solace to the love lost lover,
a source of inspiration to the poets and painters,
a mystery to innumerable star gazers

To read His letter we need keen eyes
that teaches us to shine brightly in spite of darkness
and scatter warmth in spite of loneliness
As day comes after the night there is an end to everyone's plight
So let's read this letter with utmost care!

*(c) Namita Rani Panda


“Who are you young lady?
Why are you perspiring profusely
in the dark chilly night
soiling your fair delicate body
and honey coloured hair?
What are you doing dear
with your hurt hands,
swelling heart and
the bruised bleeding body?”

“I'm a love lost bird
building a castle of love
with my flesh, blood and tear
for my lovely loving lover.
I'm a parched dreary desert
digging tirelessly
for an endless fountain of love
to quench my thirst.”

“Let me draw out
the dagger of despair
the arrows of sorrow,
complaint and grief and
smear the balm of love on your sore!
Let me save you
from suffering , decay and death
 and bless you with heavenly bliss!”

“Who are you young man
to trespass into my life?
I don't believe in rebirth.
My heaven and hell is this earth.
What is it to you if I suffer or rejoice?
Let me suffer for my sin!
Let me struggle and strain !
Let me die and decay!
You go on your own way.
It's none of your business
as a Buddha I desire not,
my beloved I desire the most!”
*(c)Namita Rani Panda

( For a woman her home is her heaven. Her love is her worship and her lover is her God. The poem depicts how she denounces heavenly bliss and prefers to struggle and strife for the sake of her love. )


I'm a forgotten child for whom the world is so wild
Strangulated before I see the light
Though my sole dream is to make everyone's life bright.
Dumped in the garbage after my birth
My kith and kin never realise my worth
For them I'm enemy of their mirth
Though I'm hidden behind the cloud
I go on scattering ray of love around
From the heaven I rain my tears
To bless my loving little brothers
To wash the sin of my mother and father.
I wish you all to progress and prosper
But with out me how can you prosper?
O' my loving father and brother
I'm your forgotten daughter and sister
Won't you do me a little favour?



Mrs Namita Rani Panda was born on 10th Jannuary 1965 in Sambalpur district of Odisha, India. Having lost her mother in the tender age of six  she became a silent and keen observer of her surroundings. Being the lone parent her father brought up all his daughters with the liberties of  sons to enable them to face the challenges of life boldly. But that intensified in her heart the pangs she has been facing as a female in the male dominated society. In every piece of her writing one can feel the cry for leading a life of liberty and dignity. The other themes of her interest are love and life and  social issues . Now she works as a Post Graduate Teacher in English in Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khordha, Odisha, under the Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India , New Delhi. She has been in this teaching profession since 1988.Her educational qualification is M.Phil(English} M.Ed. Apart from poetry she keeps interest in story writing and painting. Her poems are published in various international journals and anthologies. 

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