Saturday, July 1, 2017




You and I,

Were the two birds flying in the sky,

You and I ,

Were the two missing brooks  finally collide,

With you my hours fly,

I count not  day ,

Only dream of  sunrise and its glorious ray,

In the night ,I measure the distance of the moon,

I smile with the twinkling stars,

Imagining    we ,blazing   among the few,

Our pulsation is detectable in the silence of the night,

Every second  we look amused.

Every minutes we feel new,

Perhaps we love to reside ,

In  the paradise of comradeship,

Our rapport is an unique bond,

Here we two were attached to soul,

We love not riding in horse,

Love  playing with the brush,

We paint our portrait in the running stream,

I  see you image in every  leaf,

You visualize me in each of your dream,

With you, my days seems fresh,

With my smile you wink to my page.


Earth to heaven :

O thy heaven!

Notice my tears,

Come closer to me,

See me in the grip of fear,

I am in pain, because,

Chapped is my lips,

Cracked is my heels,

Baked is my ribs,

Withered is my grip,

Drained is my energy,

Dehydrated is my body,

All I need is your bucket full of blessings,

An hourly meet of shower,

To get respite from  this horrendous hour,

The sky is in grief,

Stagnant is the breeze,

Humid floor sweats profusely,

Demand to hydrate my soul,

The peacock is waiting to dance,

The dry river beds waiting to swirl,

O Dear heaven ! do a  little favor,

Come as a rescuer,

Lose your grip,

Sprinkle your spring,

Bless me with your blissful pour,

I am waiting for the silver downpour.


One direction changed my world,

One incident colored my wall,

One meeting  intensified  feeling to  paint on plain canvas,

One  song my lips hum, triggers my limbs to dance,

One droplet of rain on the mother earth, generates the aroma of musk breeze,

One season  for peacock dance, swells  all the tributaries  ,

One second, thousand thoughts ,crops and vanishes,

One delay can be a punishment, lifelong,

One prompt action can save life,

One perfect friendship is equal to thousand courtship,

One harmony  weaves many theories,

One verse infuriates the crowd,

One dialogue is equal to million words,

One book is like a guideline to fly in blue sky,

One and only one is significant for the melodious symphony,

One step forward solves the mystery,

One by one ,rediscovering  the framed words,

I found thousands of meaning buried in “ one “.


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA,native of puri, now residing in Bhubaneswar Orissa, She completed her graduation {English Hons} from Sailabala Women’s college Cuttack,And post –graduation    { English} from Ravenshaw University Cuttack. Her fascination for  writing came from her grandfather  and father from an early age. Writing  for her is the powerful medium of expression.Her  poems  have been  published in many magazines and anthologies . Her first book “Rhyme Of Rain” was published  in march 2017 and second book “First Rain” is in press.

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