Saturday, July 1, 2017




Peace is a way of life
Begins at home with lessons of tolerance,
After arguments or angry confrontations,
No grudge or guilt should persist for long,
Hold hands and bond with forgiveness strong.

Peace is not a philosophy for odds,
It is for survival of world at large,
Not only when terror strikes at one end,
Light candles and say prayers is farce,
Write a poem or a report and it is done.

World is united in music and poetry,
Language, religion, color or creed disappear when we sing,
That helps mankind, inspires to look within,
Receptive to synergy, searching for harmony,
With a little touch of humanity.

Float a dream, a vision of universal art,
Since nothing else can cure people of hatred and war,
Effusing perspiration to inspire with empathy,
Explore possibilities of a noble world of brotherhood,
Where people in peace can live together without any wound.
Jyotirmaya Thakur©®12/6/17


Let the pen speak for peace,
Ultimate goal of the world to see.
Beauty is unity in diversity,
Variety in nature is pride of creativity.

Let the pen speak for love,
Everyday is a gift of God,
To see divinity in every being,
To serve in humanity, our doing.

Let the pen speak for truth,
Put way of thinking in order,
Look at war, terror, trauma as fruits,
Of inequality, hunger, and disorder.

Let the pen speak for equality,
The boundaries, division of race,
Of prejudices, apartheid, brutality,
End seeds of hatred in fast pace.

Let the pen speak for harmony,
Progress but with sustainability,
Let forests, hills, and lakes survive,
The animals of land and sea, birds in sky.

Let the pen speak for devotion,
Embrace and respect opposition,
Let feelings of pain be our true messengers,
Turn them into peaceful, joyful, harbingers.
Jyotirmaya Thakur©®2017


Let us completely surrender to love,
In a world of terror, hatred and bombs,
The mind is full of fear and doubt,
But believe in life, hope and grace,
Love can be the solution to a world sublime.

Let's nurture peace with care,
Embrace all religion, creed and race,
Forget the differences of diversity,
Accept universal connection of entity,
Unconditional gift of peaceful harmony.

Bliss is a divine blessing of Almighty,
It is the joy of souls unity,
Exuberance of eternal existence,
When world is full of love infinite,
Peace will be restored in blissful rhymes.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR: One role is never enough to describe one's identity. Consultant, training & teaching English, communication skills, interactive and coordination skills. Specialties: Academics, Administration, Curriculum, management, CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE content and research. I believe  sincerity and passion is of great importance in building good human beings. The aim of education is to empower children and instill confidence to face the world with dignity and compassion. I am an industrious, conscientious and versatile person, who believes in going beyond the textbooks. Mentor, adviser, trainer for personal and holistic development for children as well as adults. A grand reiki master, a karuna  reiki master and HFHE master. Coaching and Counseling is my passion, tough in getting a job done but tender at heart to touch and reach people in need. To walk the talk together towards the desired goal. Adaptable, reflective and  a learner, always trying to learn the new ways of improving teaching-learning method .I place great importance on my students learning the skills of communication, critical thinking and research. More than 32 years of professional experience and global exposure.


  1. JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR, has to know peace to write about it this well. Reading these poems, gives a sense of understanding, a feeling of happiness that coincides with peace. Years of advising and healing can be felt in her words, obviously an amazing worker of light. I enjoyed this whole heartedly.

    1. Thanks for your kind appreciation. Yes healing begins with self as a balanced and peaceful person which is then extended by experience and expression.

  2. Totally agreed with you. I know even tiger may be tamed. It takes time. But whenever an untamed tiger attack you first you should try to get rid with wisdom. When there is failure of wit you must select the way of blood shedding. In poetry I speak for zero blood shedding for washing of brain. Practically we should keep ready dangerous weapons for self-defence. North Korea may be the glorious example in favor of ny belief. We should make unity against war. Peace is now totally a political phenomena.

    I always love your poetry. Your sweet language, your gesture and posture are really impressing.
    In the mean time I have become a great fan of your poem.
    Thank you. Good morning.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks,for your constant support and generous compliments.A long strenuous life taught me to balance and centre my energy for creativity by love and kindness, in personal and professional life.Thus always expressed sincerely as I felt this violent fast paced world needs rethinking on life in harmony.

  3. Jyotirmaya Thakur, always a great pleasure to read her fascinating poems. There is an education, love and peace on every single poem. Proudly to know her. Thank you so much for sharing your talent to the whole world. Blessings.

  4. Thanks, Jean my great friend of a kind disposition always generous in his comments.You have always supported me and encouraged me with blessings. I am proud to know you too,a wonderful poet yourself.

  5. Jyotirmayaiji,

    Your poems titled"Search For Peace ", " Let the Pen Speak " and"Love-Peace-Bliss "do have the same flight trajectories in terms of the themes and the messages being conveyed through them.These poems are very relevant because we live in a world of turbulent and chaotic nature due to the wars and the conflicts breaking out in many parts of the world.Today peace is taken to the wire owing to social,political,religious,economic,ethical and moral reasons,we need to strive hard to give peace a chance forever and ever.The ingredients for promoting peace and tranquillity in the world must start in the families,if we lay down the foundation of peace such a basic level,then peace does prevail undoubtedly in this world.In the poem"Search For Peace",the need to restore peace to this world which is in the whirlpool of manifold problems is emphasised,the language of peace is all about accommodative attitude,compromising stances and reconciliatory gestures and actions.Today world is in desperate need for peaceful co-existence,without which world can't have peace of everlasting pedigree.When peace is ushered into this world,natural order is installed and established firmly and starkly.Once peace is put into operation in the society,all the attendent issues related to violence would disappear from the world,it is our responsibility to bring peace into this world through our words,deeds and thoughts,peace is also a state of mind,we need to cultivate and inculcate in ourselves day in and day out.

    Your second poem titled"Let the Pen Speak"extols the virtue of the written words in bringing peace to the world,there is no point in tackling outstanding problems using physical and military means,instead all the issues of contentious and controversial nature in the world must be tackled through negotiations,discussions and deliberations earnestly.When problems are resolved through discourses,then the world experiences peace in many ways than one.All the conflicts in the world sprouted when the world moved away from the written words of immaculate nature.

    Your poem titled"Love-Peace-Bliss"brings to the forefront the three crucial principles which are required for the restoration of peace in this world.All these concepts are connected to one another.In fact pure love is the centre of the universe,without this world can't function for a moment,where there is love there is peace and where there is peace there is bliss.So love creates an environment of peace and peace paves the way for the onset of happiness and joy in a society.Kudos to you for composing these poems which promote the interests of positive vibes in the society.

    Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil Associate Professor Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 29th July 2017.

  6. Thanks, my constant analyser of my poemswith a wondrous critical incisive manner making them look do much better by making them relevant to the world.

  7. Thanks, friend and the most spontaneous poet I know.

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