Saturday, July 1, 2017




Poet’s garden is a small heaven on earth
for inspiration, flowering and fruitfulness.
It is an extension of sun lounge,
a wide view into the open sea
and with open horizon eastwards.
A few fruit trees,  green laying out bushes
and many colorful fragrant flowers.
All they are his long personal choice.
Every tree with its symbolism.
Fir tree, almond tree, olive tree, apple tree,
walnut tree, fig tree, pomegranate tree and laurel.
A big climbing vine and other small vines
have a special place
in his garden and in his heart.
Currant, “fileri”, Muscat, sour grapes and siderites  are some of his favorite eatable variety of grapes.  But there is not a garden – orchard without flowers.   Climbing roses on fences, daisies,
hrysanthemums, cyclamens of field,
sunflowers, narcissus, hyacinths,
violets, dahlias, chamomile, poppies,
anemones, freesia, origan, tea and other.
Big and small earthen flower pots,
with basil, carnations, gardenias,
geraniums and marjoram
give other dimensions in the garden’s beauty.
They create not only a superabundance of aesthetics. The garden tools (hoe, mattock, pick,
rake), the pruning hook, the saw
and the hedge clippers
in the hands of poet – gardener,
intervene masterly, with patience
and they shape the garden
on a daily and seasonal basis.
An annual frantic feast
of colors, sounds  and fragrances.
Birdsongs, buzz of the bees
and many other insects, babble of water,
rustling of leaves,
a unique sight and a listening experience.
Season succeeds season,
with their distinguishing marks.
Early spring and dewdrops,
winter frosts and flakes of snow
and the poet experiences with his senses
the changes of nature.
Pensively, he is walking
with his head bent on the ground,
he goes to and fro. He looks like swinging
in the space and time.  Often he stops, observes,
he smells a flower,  he tastes a fruit,
he chats with the trees
the butterflies and loquacious birds.
He dreams with open eyes
and he takes off for new creations,
according to the stimuli and the weather,
sometimes he lies in the sun
and shrinks in a place sheltered from the wind, sometimes he comes back in a hurry
to his permanent and favorite chair,
under the deep shade, climbing vine
near to a stone fountain.
There, it awaits him the round, country, red table,   full of leaves, flowers, books, copybooks, pencils  and he is getting ready to write. He drinks a swig of medium – sweet Greek coffee,
he makes some notes and rubs out some other.
He spends countless creative hours
in his garden
in this cool place,  cultivating, reading and writing.  Blessed poet,
now and for ever,
your garden is in flower,
your mind creates.


Now, that you planted on the earth
seeds with your name,
Poet, what else do you want?
Reflect on the harvest time.


The days with serenity come to see its sun
lighting up  the stars last night
fading them away at dawn.
In the light blue of the Aegean Sea come
to see the image of the sun
having the island for a boat with mermaids by its side.
Come to bask all day in Imerovigli,
marks of warmth the sun will send you with its beams.
Who is not going to photograph the sunlit Caldera
waiting agog the sun to go down in the West?
Come a moonlit night to dream away
… by starlight too,  golden gifts of  Nature.
Come for a honey moon you too in Santorini
a step that will judge your future life from now on.


SPIROS K. KARAMOUNTZOS: He is a famous Greek poet and author. He was born in Karya, a village in Argolida. He was a teacher of the elementary education. Now he is retired. He is a member of the “Greek Writers Society”, of the “International Writers Association” (I.W.A.), of the «Poetas del Mundo» – «Poets of the World» and of the “World Poets Society” (W.P.S.). His poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Russian and have appeared in national and foreign Anthologies. His writing has received awards from national and international poetry competitions. He has published the books “WORDS of KARYA” with memories of his village, “KNOWLEDGE LEND WINGS TO INSPIRATION – Spiros Karamountzos is interviewed by  Zacharoula Gaitanaki” (2011) and the collections of poetry: “HALCYONS” (2000), “STROKES OF THE BOW” (2004), “DEWDROPS” (2006), “SHEDDING OF LEAVES”(2006), “SUNFLOWERS” (2010), “POET’S GARDEN” (2013) and «LOOKING FOR A POET» (2013). Country of origin: GREECE. Mother Language: GREEK. Nationality: GREEK. Place of living: Melissia, Attica.

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