Saturday, July 1, 2017



Pleasant to the ears and the mind
Unity in diversity O fellow human
Transcending all issues at par
Windowing effect
Prefecture of romances
Synthesizing effectors
Communing such pathways
Human definition lingering

RMAC 23/05/2017


Parthenon of undertaking
Opposition of its delightfulness
Ray in its lucidity on new morn
Turning over the world in its laurels
Regality of expertise expounded
Rigidity of time and space
Pouring over captivating
Pleasantries of dew drops
Humanity forever clashing
RMAC 24/05/2017


Movement of humanity
Knowing what we understand
Paving the way of everlasting peace
Marking each steps written in its history
Turning around the story
Seeking ways in achieving altruism
Foreshadowing new solace
Enriching humanity story of greatness
Lifting others rather than endless complainers in reaching its ends

RMAC 30/05/2017

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