Saturday, July 1, 2017




While walking
the sun and the shade
remain with us
as our shadows are present around.
Our feet put our signatures
on every patch of sun and shade.
On leaves we write as our history
on paths we leave with indelible ink
our imprints, our legends.
On every layer of earth and space
we go on putting our name
even knowing
we live deep in each other,
In everything around us.
You are with me always
implanted in the heart.
And I being always feeling you with,
I think, what You are, I am.
Like light and shade
we are walking leaving imprints
on the pages of History to remember.
For Time to be consumed!!!!


The wind coming far away from you
Touched my eye-lids
To decorate with new dreams
It wiped away tears of stressing despair
Putting there in glittering smiles.
The tree of aspirations extended itself
Waiting for a bird of hope
Lo, it came flying to make its nest
In its waiting arms to live,love and sing
Every straw entwined with knitting needles of desire.
How it was, far a long time, to suppress pain
Of being away with paining longings
How hard it was to bear the blunt of despair
How hard it was to hide sighs from escaping the lips.
But with flutters of your colorful wings
You aired my saddened smiles
With warming flutter of wings
And made every part of me to have the swings.
Eyes were never tired to wait for the love
How hard is tedious tiring painful wait
How hard the storms blew
Vigorously to scatter me away.
How could buds and flowers sprout
To open their petals to blossom
If new touch of warmth had not come
To break the chill of leafless branches and twigs.
I see the swinging branches and waving leaves
I see the beaks continuing strengthening weaves
Longtime wait there was with tearful eyes
With doors of eye lids open to welcome
At the gate to path to heart
To swipe away the tears and sow seeds
Of renewing smiles and laughter around.
How beautiful is to see the flowers
Sneaking out of the buds of desires
Slowly slowly opening their lips like petals
Slowly slowly nature tracing its art of colors
Along veins of leaves, on petals of flowers.


Heart is musical instrument
It vibrates and resonate with a touch
With sweet sensations to sing a sing
A song so melodious, so assuring
Sending waves so cool and colorful
Like a spring sprouting from barren land
It is like stream that is ever streaming
It is like whispers and light music of leaves
Like chirrups of birds in early awakening morning.
Heart is a musical instruments of of love
With different notes from high pitch to low
Its sends melancholy and sadnthatess
If touch of a pained and saddened touch trembles
It sends hearts go to dance around in concerts
If smile and shine of a moon or dawn greets
And holds the string to touch and make us swing.
Every vein of it is like strings that vibrates
And sounds like a rhyming band
Just like continuous music in nature
It is ever flow of music of rippling and bubbling waters
It needs a loving lovely lucid tender touch
Not a harsh horrifying hand to thrash
The it will thunder to throttle the throats that sing.
Such music of stressing sounds shatters the senses.
Sweet tender touch of loving fingers
Just like soft touch of morning rays
Just like tender of you, my Nature
Creates love not any unwanted feel we despise.
If you want love tones, touch with love
Touch its strings with tender touch of true feel
Feel of shining smile od a shine of Love.
And feel the difference of thunder and shower
Feel the difference of thunderbolt and a living throb.
Heart is a musical instrument
It is in our reach to handle and see how to play ;) <3 span="">


Treachery is roaming about
Vulturous and virulent eyes glare
Don't know from where death strikes

Moments before where kids danced
Skipping ropes vibrates with laughter
In arms of romance smiles exchanged
Flowery colors flew in air in waves
All merry making as in funfair.

Now there we see scattered bodies
Bleeding limbs, tissues and bones
Looking at onlookers with awe
Asking who disintegrated all present.

Who has called vultures
We see circling around overhead
Waiting to tear the remains.

Cries are high in air
Voices have turned into screams
Cheers into sobs,
Why, Why, Why this vision of terror
We are forced to see while weeping.


MOHINDERDEEP GREWAL is prominent writer who has published 7 books in his mother tongue and in English. He served as lecturer in English. He is associated to prominent literary associations as patron, adviser, previously served language and culture as president and gen secretary of organisations with worldwide membership- He is known as progressive writer who writes to promote, love peace and brotherhood. As social activist he worked and wrote to eradicate social evils from society. He is a lyricist and wrote 4 books of Ghazals and and known as master of ghazal technique and guides his students in this field too. He has bagged many awards like Baraj Sahni Yadgari award, Bawa Balwant yadgaari award and many more awards in India and abroad He is chairperson of World's Association of English poetry , AKAS, Ghazal and Multilingual Ghazal Munch North America.. He has migrated to Canada and  U S A where he lives with his family.. His contactis In India , he is still associated with Kendary Punjabi Lekhak Sabh (reg) in which he served as General Secratary and to Punjabi Sahitya Academy Ludhiana in which he served as executive and is Patron of the said Academy. In Social life he served his area as president of Welfare Society. Even now in Canada, he is active in Canadian Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Kalmaan Da Kafila  and Kalam Foundation Toronto.

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