Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Why, time, so heavy with its own routine

Closes in on me

Pressing down upon my hearty heaves

Bidding me to shed invisible tears!

And I, mere dove seeking solely to fly free

Can only languish at the weight of it all

Pray, on the minute hand,

Lies Fate, so tricky yet so demanding

And on the hour hand,

Lies my own will, so needy yet so stoic

The second hand, meanwhile,

Carries the load of actions and reactions

Meaning to remind me,

That subjected I am to the whims of divine law

To act I can

Yet, my actions shall turn and aim myself someday!

Pray, time, so heavy with its own routine

Lifts up its bust

So proud of itself

So mighty, so unconquerable,

It remains,

The one who decides for us

The one to fill up the spaces of our lives

To one who rules us!

And I, attempting to fight it,

Can only let myself be immersed in what it gives us

While keeping my eyes closed

Reminding myself constantly

That amidst its hurly burly

Stillness is what I seek!


How easy it is to fall in love

Yes, falling in is as tempting as a sip of wine

To have a taste of it seems so right

And once one indulges in it,

Life makes itself seem so rosy!

Pray, how easy it is to fall in love,

Yet, how difficult it is to maintain it

Easier it is to fall out of love

To harbor hatred

To bare one's teeth as disturbed cats do

To show one's claws as threatened bears do

To cut off ties,

As swiftly as drummers play synchronously with their singers

As one manages to shed off a hangover!

Yet, love, remains a call of the higher powers

Love, remains, more than a trip in a glass of wine

Love shoulders responsibility

And love accounts for maintaining this responsibility!

Why, even if love shows itself as an easy game

Pray, be not fooled by its attire

Love happens because the skies want it to

So, pray,

Treating it as a most treasured artefact

Is a talent that can be learnt!


I paint, with my fingers

Images of Moon's Queen

As she dances all over the night sky

Lamenting at the stars

At how her lover chooses to stay away from her!

I paint, with my fingers,

Images of wolves

As they try to hide their mysterious nature

In forests deep enough

To swallow our souls!

I paint, with my fingers,

Images of love's cruelty,

At the many games it plays with us

At how it fools us

And dupes us

Merely wanting to allow life to sustain itself!

I paint, with my fingers,

Images of lusty desires

As these are kept hidden

In between lines and lines of poetry

Hoping not to reveal

How they make cheeks blush

And how they propel hearts to hammer!

I paint, with my fingers,

Tunes of life

As they play over us

Causing us to swirl in their drapes

Embarking us in their blindness

Wanting us not to experience the skies' Truth!

I paint, as one drunken and enamored

Pray, for of what use is living

If one abstains from painting


As one does see it?


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