Sunday, September 1, 2019




Your  words touch  my heart
From  core , I say ahh !
I celebrate  your  presence with coloured wings
A new sun welcomes  eternal spring.

A treasure  of words mean to please
Flood  of flowers , a great ecstasy
A deep feeling for me there is
It lifts me to a world of fantasy.

Your words  appear in delicate dreams
In a distant  paradise , a swirling  stream
Silvery  moon shading dews
A  great  ecstasy in a night new .

I weave those words in my heart
On a  Stoney canvas , a fine art .
Often I  sing  a song never song
With myriad of colours spring has come .


Picture  of a voyage
A  pendant  in  her  cleavage
Endless  dreams  of  her  prince
She  hides  treasure  in  her  eyes .

In  deep  ocean  bed  a  mermaid  dwells
Desperate   passions   surface   well
With emeralds of desires
She  has   drawn   to   the   water  edge .

Singing   joyous  on  the   shore
With  waves  her  voice   melodious
When   water   swilling   around
Her   joys   know   no  bounds  .

Ocean   fills    with   wave   millions
Heart   swells   with   love  impressions
Oh   Prince . . . She   waits  to  adore
Before   storm  sweeps   for  ever .

Her eager arms  and  longing eyes
Desires to  mix blood  in  wine
Twisted  boughs in passionate hugs
Union  of souls , a glory perfected
By the song  of  the sea.


Pure  love ....
Never   fades
Despite  the  progression
Of  distance  , time  and space.

It  dazzles
Like  bright  moonshine
No  matter  how far
Love  birds  reside .

They  live  in hearts
Paint  it  with  divine  art
They  sparkle  with celestial  light
Dance   gracefully of  being  delight .

Even  after  ages
They  keep on  glowing
Though  are  separated  physically
Unite  spiritually .

Sometimes  I  wonder
Is  this  the  real  world
Where  we  ask for something
But  GOD  disposes  otherwise ?


Never weep , mourn  any more
Sharp Spines of roses are gone .

His  flute  makes  a lasting spring
Trees bow , when he sings.

With music, dance plants  and flowers
Frozen  mountains  melts  to shower .

Desires  as  winged dreams flying high
Tell me  dearest , why to shy ?

Sweet  music  creates  an  art
Killing  sadness , grief  of heart .

Music in air colour my  cheeks
Reflection  of  pink on  my lips .

Stars in heaven smiling at you
Twinkling  to  explore with orient hues .

Now  our  veins  are filled  with  kind fire
We sing of dews , of  wild  flowers.

We may not  lift  the veil  of future
With  love we feel , life  fuller  and  richer.
Rajashree Mohapatra


Through groves... Through meadows...

Under vast concave sapphire ,
A shower of sweet nectar .

Over liquid emerald ,
We wandered hand in hand .

Our early love was in a glittering sphere ,
Like dew at dawn , glided joyously without fear.

Our world was in a grain of sand ,
A heaven in the palm of your hand .

Oh my love !
Still your voice is so clear ,
Of old fields of childish pleasure.

Often I sing those wild songs ,
Songs of ecstasy, you love to hear .

Oh dearest!
Time has passed away in colder light.
Lost are the days of golden bright .

I still think of you and shall do so ...
Till our last farewell into night.
Rajashree Mohapatra©


Unveil  my  love ..
Unveil your real vastness
With wisdom, on the path of happiness.

Sing with coockoo , with  humming bees
Listen to the whisper of rustling  leaves
Feel the touch of musky breeze.

Rhythmic  rippling  water  waves
Realise on to sense of self
To  gather the reflux of streams of joy .

Oh dearest !
You are an unseen bird , not confined,
For liberation why to yearn ?

You are not just a water droplet,
A vast  immortal ocean itself.
To realise life's deeper  essence.

Free from  complex  sense  of self ,
Living with the precious moments.
The real mystery you unveil.

You are flawless, loved unconditional
Tune the chords with music of eternal
With touch of divinity become immortal.
Rajashree Mohapatra©


RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA of Bhubaneswar INDIA, is a teacher of Geography by profession. She is a Post Graduate in History and P.G Diploma in Environmental Education and waste management . Poetry , painting  and journalism are her Passions . She has translated English and Spanish poems into Odia language. Her English poems are translated into many languages and are published in prestigious  anthologies and in International   ezines . For her , Painting is a mode of creative expression and  can communicate souls . She aims at promoting Human Rights and environmental  awareness through Non Governmental Organisations.

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