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Leyla IŞIK



-As my beloved ones fell off the branch of life one by one, only I have remained
longing for leaves like a dried branch. . . and  like cracked soil longing for rains.-

In your absence I have conversations with me at the hours belonging to me. I dredge up the pyoid separations.
In order to remove the poison of being without you that contaminated my blood. My heart aches, grieving over the dredged-up separations.
I take to the road to you as if I were flying, and wear sad-looking wings for catching fireflies in the utter darknesses.
Has the winter in my heart closed the roads off. . . or the fallen september leaves of my faded dreams have done it? . . . I do not know. . . I do not recall.
It must have been due to my wish to forget it.
My memories have gathered dust like the faded pictures in an old chest.
When making wounds on the body of a tree
you never thought. . .
that sometime other names would be carved on my name you carved. . . or the trunk of the old “plane tree” defeated by life would be pruned, did you?
I guess the reason that I cannot hear whistles in birds' sounds anymore is this.
Neither the boza seller's 'bozaaa!' voice, who passes through the street! . . . Nor the junk dealer's 'junk dealaa!' voice. . . Nor the kids' "tag you're it!" voices that are mixed with the evening darkness. . .

I want to long again for a pair of hazel eyes I can look their pupils into. . .
and your sweat that soaks on my skin like falling raindrops.
I want to long again for
your kiss with the lips of the night like fluttering of the rose you attached to my chest. . .
I want to long again for
your forgetting your hands timid as a sparrow on my skin. . .

-As the dirty dark nightmares rust in my soul-

Do not recall the nights you were late.
Extend rains from clouds,
Water the purple bunches on my body.
Let the particular body
Grow taller in the very fine night. . .
Let the skin smile innocently, like a purple violet.
In this place where only "I" have remained
Without becoming ashes in the burning flame of your mouth,
Shower love wet with rain on my lips.
Be (my) passionate love that does not end.
Leyla Işık


“Come with the rain”you had said…
Every rain reminds me of you
Iwant to purify myself from my youlessness
And my loneliness
Under the eaves…
Imagine I’M THERE
Imagine I’ve come to you with the rain,
Imagine my skin smells of rain,
I’m wet from the rain, soaked to the skin.
I’m feeling cold…

With your heart that isn’t cool yet
You’re starting a fire to me
The night twilight in the room
The flames are illuminating my body.
Having kneleed before you,
I’m drying my skin on your skin.
The light of love in our eyes.
I’m embarrassed.
Ihave come to you with rain,
I’m back with the rain…
Leyla IŞI


Time was my journey through the time tunnel,
The plural men of my solitudes whose names Ididn’t know
Deemed themselves existent through the identities
That day put on my nakedness
Whereas Iwas NON-EXISTENT.
I’m (was) Neither my mother’s little girl,
Nor my father’s princess,
Nor my first man’s soul,
Nor the men’s women who are nothing to me.
I’ve hung them,
Now are being questioned in the branches of life
My denied identities,
The contradictions stuck on me

Leyla IŞIK

LEYLA IŞIK: Educator-Poet-Writer-Artist. She completed the primary and secondary education in İzmir. She studied at the Teacher Training College in Usak. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of EskişehirAnadolu University and retired from the primary school teacher. Leyla Işık, the Vice President of KIBATEK and International Organization and Project Coordinator, organized the 31st KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in Istanbul / Tuzla in 2003, 34 th KIBATEK International LitraryFestival in 2004 and39th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2016 together with the Pablo Neruda Cultural Association in Taranto and in Ortahisar (KAPADOKYA) 42nd International Literature Festival in Turkey. Leyla IŞIK has many valuable awards in her literature life. Her Awards; 2003 - İksder-İzmir Culture and Art Association "Halikarnas Fisher Cevat Şakir" First Prize Poetry Award, 2008 – Şaire Mehseti Gencevi (MŞM) Honorary Diploma on behalf of Azerbaijani Baku Poet Mesheti Genjevi for Serving Turkish World Literature. 2013 - Atilla İlhan Friendship and Fidelity Medallion from Platform of Love Izmir 2015 - World Young Writers Association (DGTYB) Litrary Award, 2016 - Rumen Dialect, Poetry, Art, Literature Platform International Literature, Friendship and Peace Prize. 2017- Pablo Neruda Cultural Association” Neruda Award 2017”award- Italy 2017- Pablo Neruda Cultural Association”Representative for Turkey of Pablo- Neruda-Italy. 2017-Honorary Member of Italian Cultural Association Pablo Neruda. 2017- Chief Representative of the World Notation Writers ‘union in Turkey-Kazakhstan. 2017- Hyderabad India World Poetry Festival Pentasi B 2017 "Inspirational poetry" award. 2017- Fellowship Certificate-Fellow of the Regal world of Scribes (FRWS). 2017- India World Poetry Festival “Writers Corner - Warangal Medal”. 2017- India World Poetry Festival Writers Corner Warangal “The Enchanting Muse Award". 2017-World Nations Writers “Union Kazakhstan “Pride of the Globe-2017, WNWU” in response to exceptional commitment and devotion to literature. 2018- OPA-Poetry Archive’s Assignment of Publication. 2018- Opa Our Poetry Archive featured poet of the month March. 2018 - World Award in Literature - 2018, WNWU. 2019-Motıvatıonal strips “AMBASSADOR DE LITERATURE”. Below is the list of her works: HUZUR ÇERÇEVEM (E) poetry -1992. SERÜVEN KUŞU İÇİMİN ÖYKÜSÜ poetry - poeticexpression-1996. YENİDEN YAŞAMAK GİBİ short story-2000. BİR BAŞKA DÜŞ (E) poetry - poetic expression-2005. DODAQ İZLERİN poetry (translated in toAzerbaijaniTurkish)-poetic expression-2009. DÜŞLERİMİ (Ç) ALDIM (shortstory-2011). UYKUSUZ ESRİK GECENİN SABAHINDA (poetry - poetic expression-2011). ULUSLARARASI EDEBİYAT ŞÖLENİ ŞİİR ANTOLOJİSİ (Tuzla 2014). Leyla IŞIK; besides KIBATEK (Cyprus, Balkans, Eurasian Turkish Literature Institution), Aegean Cultural Platform Association Cultural Arts and Theater Coordinator, Belgium Barış Manco Lovers Association Cultural Art Advisor, Literature Association, Member of International Activist Artists Association, Turkey Representative and Honorary Member of Italy Pablo Neruda Cultural Association, Member and Turkey representative of World Nation Writers Association. She keeps on her works at International Turkish Language, Literature and Translation Platform KIBATEK (Eurasian Balkans, the Cyprus-Turkish Society of Literature). She is attending conferences, panels, conversations, and poetry feasts at home country and abroad. Contributes introducing Turkish Poetry at the international platforms as a volunteer envoy and publicating interactively and systematically translation of Cyprus, Balkans and Western Europian Turkish Literature in to their dialects. Leyla IŞIK, whose poems are published in international anthologies, Galaksi Poetike Atanis, Grami Romanesc, Global Voices of 21st Century female Poets QUEEN, Poetry in the Park Collection No 4,Antologia Poetica KIBATEK festival 39 (Italy),, is among The poets in the international anthologies. Her articles and poems have been translated into German, Albanian, Arabic, Romanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, English and Azeri Turkish, Spanish, Macedonian, Urdu by published in anthologies in various journals both in Turkey and abroad. Her poetry-poetic expression book "BİR BAŞKA DÜŞ (E) (2005)" was translated in to Azerbaijani Turkish by Prof. Dr. Elçin İSGENDERZADE and published at Vektör University in Azerbaija.In addition, Leyla IŞIK who received two years acting training of Özel Sahne Tozu Theater in supervision of Haldun Dormen; writes theather plays besides poetry, short stories and essays. Leyla IŞIK, who has successfully represented her country abroad and contributed to publicity activities as a volunteer ambassador for Turkish poetry on international platforms, has also been involved in poetry programs on various local radios for some time. She has been involved in literature, painting and theater since she was a child.

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  1. You have very moving poems here! The demise of loved ones are difficult to forget in mind and the feeling of their absence is a nightmare sometimes indeed!