Sunday, September 1, 2019




They play Auld Lang Syne somewhere
The neighbours lustily shriek at the Cinderella hour
I position a New Desk top calendar on the table
Unread messages gleam on my cellphone in orange

So some pharma company has wished me good health
Another text tempts me with a winter sale.
And there rests the turquoise scarf gifted to me in a summer of passion
And a boarding pass in a frayed book

The first of January is made of such things
Things to hold on to
And things to simply let go!!!

(Tribute to a cousin who passed away at the age of 48)

A tar black storm descended
The family plunged into darkness
The lashing rain the brooding grey
Nature in unison in our grief

What conspiracy did someone hatch up there?
His need infinitely greater than ours
In that abyss of despair
I felt a stir
You came to us
In repeated dream to wipe our tears
In the guise of a sunbeam
To rebuild and repair
In every flutter of a summer still leaf
You kissed our souls

There you were
Today no more
Our sunshine spirit
Gone through that mysterious door

A voyage so transient
Wish you could have lingered some more
But in this ephemeral land of transit
Only the good die young!


Quo Vadis my lone voyager?
What takes you on this sojourn?
Your shadow once chased the Manhattan skyline
Giddily rubbing shoulders in corridors of power

The seasoned traveler
What restlessness does your solitude seek?
Your residence was once a million ports
And three loves you inflamed en route

Friends lost count of your shifting zip codes
As your rucksack emptied of each travel souvenir
Wither goest thou today passenger?
As you stand on platform number 7

The station of the now, not so sleepy town
An infinite wait
And yet no sweeter sight –
Than of the slow train, that takes you home.


VANDANA KUMAR is a bon vivant who loves travelling, working with young minds and exploring  possibilities beyond the ordinary. A French teacher and an active member of various quiz clubs, her passions include playing the piano. She contributes poems regularly to magazines like GloMag and has been published in a couple of anthologies. One of her poems was shortlisted and published by the “All India Poetry Society” (All India 2017 poetry competition). Poetry for her is her stress buster, her flight of fancy and strangely, what keeps her rooted too.


  1. great write dear, wish you more success.

  2. Thanks a lot Asoke Mitra. For taking out the time to read and dropping a comment here.