Sunday, September 1, 2019




Few  memories
Few  instances
Were  following  me
Continuously  like  usures
It  is true , I loved
Those  memories, sometimes
Those  instances  were
Important  for me, sometimes
But  it is true  also
That  life  moves,runs forward
As  life  means being  alive
Gathering  something  new
Unless we drop old
Trodden  memories  or
Whatever  else ,
Our  hands  will not be free
To  grab  freash memories
New   happenings
Till  a  person has
Emotions, feelings and wishes
He  is  alive
Moving  forward is the sign of Life....
Copyright@manjula asthana mahanti


Dusk approaching
Day  shyly  dooming
One more day of each one's life
With so many stories
Of  the particular day
Have guilt and repentance
Of wasting one valuable day
Encouragement ,somewhere
Smiles as a result, cheerfull faces
Somebody  lost  someone
Someone met  some interesting person
Joy, annoyence, disappointment ,so on
So  many situations to hang on
One has to live whatever gone
Day  ended, not the desires
Darkness was becoming deeper
Stars happily twinkling in the sky
Half  Moon also had marked
It's  presence in the sky
Tired  bodies, lying like logs
Trying to have some relaxation
But not the minds
They  were proactive
With the results of today
Plans for the coming day
Trying  to  find some easy way
Jumping into the lap of sleep
Slowly, slowly
Yes, it is the life.....
Copyright@manjula asthana mahanti


Unpredictable yet acceptable
Life has many different
Colours , shades , moods
Life's every  shade man enjoys
Bound to, don't  have  choice
Every colour has to rejoice
When life smiles at him
He blooms like a fragrent flower
But ignorant, what will be next hour
Clear sky, covered by dark clouds
Results in rain and thunders
Becomes,sometimes,difficult to sustain
Man always expects
The unexpected restrain
The same manner he recieves
Ups and downs
Downs and ups
Like piano's black & white key notes
White is played sometimes
Black sometimes
Melodious sound, both creat
Both the flavours, have to taste
Create melodious music,if balanced
Torturous, if  reverse
Life dances in it's own way
One has to contribute, can't stay away
Has to live as life indicates
Has to mould himself to sustain
To cope up, has to make life palatable
As life is stubborn, never stamble
It's way to make someone comfortable..


MANJULA ASTHANA MAHANTI is  Bilingual poet,  author, t ranslater.    Abhishap Damini ka.  Anthologies 6 poems, 2 short stories, Voices of Humanity 1 poem.  Nostalgia 3 poems, 1 short story. ICMDR Anthology ,Article. Healing Hearts-- 1 poem.   Submitted poems for many upcoming. Anthologies " Iztiraab " latest gazal sangrah  " Unnayan" , latest novel.  Recipient of many sammanpatra, Along with "Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari

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