Sunday, September 1, 2019




sometimes late at night
I wake up
no more rest for hours
I watch television
read a book
or click away at the keyboard
to see what's going on
in the rest of the world

tonight is no different
well, perhaps it is
I met someone
who was hurting
so much pain in her heart
just when I was asking questions
she thought she had all the answers

what she said cut deep
still the words linger
I won't be here tomorrow
the world doesn't need me

how can anyone say that
of course the world needs you
I need you
your friends need you
your family

we talked awhile
I'm not sure how long
all I knew was
I had been given
the gift of speech
in form of ink
when I was tired of waking
late nights o'er and o'er
I was given a chance
to open my eyes and heart

oh how she grieved
searching for answers
she was sure she had
and all the while we talked
I wasn't just talking to her
she was speaking to me
we needed one another

somewhere deeper inside
it was as if I was looking into a mirror
seeing and reexperiencing

two lives were saved in that time
those few moments
I thank God I was there for her
I thank God she was there for me


You should just see her
Sweet as she can be
Sitting there drawing
Underneath that tree

She glances up to look
At people and the skies
She's a little angel
That took me by surprise

She continues to draw
As if no one is around
She remains so silent
Daring not to make a sound

She'd glance at the birds
In the skies above
She is so full of peace
A child full of love

She continues to etch
As if it would be her last
Taking her time, dutifully
Forgetting time passed

Quietly she sets her pen
And paper to the ground
Effortlessly swaying
Still not making a sound

She looked as if humming
A tune she might know
I gradually make my way
To finally say 'hello'

She looks up at me sweetly
With a smile upon her face
Spreads her arm across
The waters as if to embrace

I tell her I see her pictures
And that she is so cute
It isn't until that moment
I realize that the child is mute

But her smiles said so much
And to me, that meant the world
I tilted my head and curtsied
As I mouthed the words 'Pretty girl

(A Haiku Trinity)

Treasure the children

For they make the paths of God

Hug them and love them.

Treasure the children

For they're our future leaders

We can learn by them.

Treasure the children

Guide them, teaching them the way

So they will be strong.


DEBBIE EMBREY has been writing avidly since age 19. Prior to that, she had always been interested in writing in one form or another. According to her father,  "she was born with a pen in her mouth." You'd seldom see her without one unless she was listening to music. Even then it was possible to find one in her hand as she enjoyed writing her own lyrics to a variety of songs.

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