Sunday, September 1, 2019




Do you hear when I whisper your name?
Do you ever feel the burden of my pain?
Pain from longing, pain from yearning.
Dreaming, Wishing, desiring, hoping.

Fate has not been fair to us from the start.
Born in different ages and worlds far apart.
We could have accomplished much as a team.
How magical our lives could have been!

You’re the reason I wake each morning.
You’re the sun that keeps on dawning.
You’re a vital part of my solitary life.
A dream that can never be realised.


The power of love is like the sun in the morning,
Brightening the life of every human being.
Awakening you to the start of a new day.
Expressing love through Literature is an ideal way.

There are many principalities that rule us today.
Many people continuously keep going astray.
They not only fail because of mental incapacity.
An opposing force is attacking their capability.

We should not give in to constant onslaughts
Of greed, malice, lust, and dangerous thoughts.
By recognizing all as our sisters and brothers
Peace will reign and love will conquer others.


I would not say I see heaven in your eyes,
Or the sun shines brighter in the skies.
Thinking of you, the moonlight glows brighter.
And the stars at night twinkle faster.

I would not say you’ve a heart of gold.
When our souls meet a connection unfold.
Only humans in love say such foolish things.
In reality it is purely their imaginings.

I see you every night and wish we’d meet.
If you come to my door, I’d silently greet.
But you’re only a dream and when you appear,
I only see your shadow but I know you are there.


BRENDA MOHAMMED: Author Brenda Mohammed is from Trinidad in the Caribbean. She is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-genre author, and poet, who has written twenty-one books. Brenda is a former Bank Manager of a leading International Bank in Trinidad and Tobago and a former Insurance Professional. She holds a Diploma in Banking from Institute of Bankers in London. After Banking, Brenda moved into the field of Insurance and obtained a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA. She is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association for Financial Professionals. Since she started writing she has won several awards for most of her books. In November 2018 she travelled to Miami to collect two prestigious awards from Readers Favorite International for her science fiction novel, Zeeka Chronicles. and a Memoir I Am Cancer Free. She is the Founder of the Facebook Group How to Write for Success. Brenda believes "The Sky is not the Limit. The Mind is."

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