Sunday, September 1, 2019




Don't judge me by my appearance
My dress is not to impress

My make-up is only for a moment to last
What counts is the content of the character
Go deep and see what I bear in the heart
Affection and love shall never depart

A tender smile that lifts up when all seems low
A hug that restores broken pieces when you face a foe
A warm touch when cold is all around
A willing hand when alone you stand
In the middle of the rush

Beauty fades into dash
What remains is the inner beauty
The eternal wealth
During life and after the last breath
Let us be remembered by what we have inside
Not by what we possess!!!
Gigi Mejri ©


When I look around
I realise that happiness
And values are no more found
The world drowned in conflicts
War,famine,terror ,the new politics
Sadness on faces and despair

People lost interest and care
I say to myself ,HOPE is not far
As long as we live there's hope somewhere
I widely stretch my arms ,breathe deeply the air
And long for a new morrow
Sans fear ,sans sorrow
And time will change the page of turmoil
Peace will someday reign on our soil
Love will spread its wings ,tranquility ,it will restore
Never give up ,never retreat
For HOPE knows no defeat !!!
Gigi Mejri ©


There's no better place than a parent's wing
I know Dad that if you could
You would open your heart & lock me inside
For the world is so cruel outside
And you found the proper place for me to hide
Dad ,I am secure under your left wing
Listening to your heart beats singing
But it's not the usual lullaby
You & Mum used to sing to me
It's something different ,I feel you Dad
Fear of losing me makes you sad
Don't worry Daddy ,I am now learning
From your heart throbs the techniques of fighting
Injustice ,oppression and fear
I'll grow strong with many others & defend
Our right to live secure on this land !
It's a matter of time Daddy ,together we'll sing
" Under your wing ,life has the true meaning"


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