Saturday, February 1, 2020




The pens of the geniuses
Mozart’s melodies
Marcel’s solos
and Shakespeare’s poems
talked to me
about love
and about the time that has passed
about the density of darkness
and the vending of peace
about the naked shame
that has melted the candles
caused the flowers to shrivel
besieged me with misery
sent security
to void
and let bodies fall victim
to the yellowness of autumn
and storms of winter
They talked to me about
the streams of blood
to placate evils
among the nations of jasmine
about oppression and dreams
in the age of gallows and punishment

The rustling of my alphabets
is a nap for doves
virgin parks
not yet pollinated
living the ecstasy of desires
Their eyes see impurities
Their tongue talks of beauty

Flower Of Your Time

I am the flower
of your time
Don’ t let me
In the hand of the sellers
Keep me in the vase
of your heart
My fragrance is your love
And my color is your dress
My thorns are your guards
Don’ t let me
In the harsh hands
Emprison me
In the cage of your chest
Water me ..
I’ m planting in you
My thirst for life
You’ re my ancient dream
I flirt with you
In my nightmares
I erase the fog
Off your beauty
And ,with my thorn bouquet ,
I make a fort to protect you
I bury your sorrow
In Automn pools
And I transform
your tear
Into dew
For you ‘re
A wonderful dream
You’ re
childhood’ s innocence
You ‘re a prayer ‘s purity

Who Are You My Lady?

You're dreaming
As if you're a dream on bed
In your whispering
A kiss song
And inside you
A crystal, pain and joy
Your morning
A bird awaiting
And your choice is restricted
in life's springs

The herbs of your banks
are getting yellowish
In the spring of seasons
Your heart is a will's water
As a night without hope
Under silent stars
In front of autumn's winds
As a melody without guitar

My eyes had never seen
A soul carrying the serenity of night
In your silence a calm of scream
In your talk the death of sorrows
You joyfully plant the roses
and you keep the thistles for yourself
You brighten your presence
With your vivid side
While the dead one is hidden
I thought your life is a spring
But you're a happiness confronting pains
You're a patience obscure
the torrent of tears
Who are you my lady?

My Anger

My anger
My joy has been raped
My anger is like a curse
And my joy is a minor
You do not know
The doom dances in its path
Waiting behind the unseen
The burden of the years
My anger is ruthless and has no mercy
My joy is dreaming of its coming day
By releasing it from my wrath
For the innocence to smile
The guns are broken
And the sadness is screaming for joy
Peace embraces my joy
The squares are dried out of blood
For the wedding
By not ask for orders but the acceptances
And the presence of races
From every direction
Religions declare the law of the Lord
In the Palace of Life
And smooth calmness spread all over
Coexistence and harmony and brotherhood
The outraged rage commits suicide
By the gallows of Peace and Union


AZIZ MOUNTASSIR: Poet international and ambassador of humanity  from Morrocco borth in Casablanca Maroc-Teacher-President of international forum of creativity and humanity. -Ambassador of Inner Child Press Washington in North Africa.- Ambassador of WIP (Nigeria) in Morrocco-Membre  and cordinator in Morrocco  North Africa Of Humanity  -Cordinator in North Africa of UWMC ( united World Movement children) -Ambassador  in north Africa of inner child  presse USA- Published 5 Books - participated in 5 poetry international anthologies -participed in 3 books international -invited to a large festival  ... Egypt .Tunisie. spainsh. Liban . Jordan .Romania .............

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