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Only For You

May be for you, just only for you,
I have become wild in love.
So, I extended my hands to hold yours,
As ever with hope.
If I have ever come close to you,
Only to know you.
From the beginning to the end,
I wandered and wandered in the lonely sky.
I myself is intoxicated.
How can I know you?
If anything, terrible happens,
I still want you to be mine.
I am the wild one.
My eyes know no limits,
I build my dreams on the horizon of the storm.
You never objected my wild spirit,
But why are you silent now?
Put aside your doubts,
And leave all and let us be together
For light years.

Note: A lover’s plea to her beloved to be United by ignoring all conventions.

Commentary: The narrator of the poem is a wild spirit and madly in love. But at the same time, she is a free spirit. To some extent she is Fearless and thus she is alone when she refers herself as wandering in the lonely sky. She is ready to ignore everything just for him. But she cannot understand his silence. And asks he accepted her as a free spirit. Now why he is paying heed to the convention. The problem may be her being a wild spirit. She invites him to join her for eternity by deserting all his doubts. There is a underlying tension between the two. And the poem in a nutshell focuses on the underlying tension and also her love for him.

Since You Will come

Since you will come,
the clouds gather and
rain shower waits for your arrival.
The petals of roses
did not fade away.
As you are yet to come,
the future says,
I will come to see you.
Golden dreams gather in the eyes,
My doubts haven’t found the answers.
Since you will come,
dark clouds float in the horizon
with the sunshine.
To blend and to become a rainbow.
Since you will come
My pen still writes and
awaits your arrival.

Note: The yearning for the love and waiting.

Commentary: The narrator is in love. But it was one sided. Though she never gives up. Rather than being pessimistic, she longs for the love which is unattainable. She waits and truly she is incapable of accepting the fact. So, she creates illusion that she is awaiting her lover ‘s arrival. For how long she is waiting for him is not clear. Because of his due arrival rain shower waits and even rose petals remain fresh and don’t perish away. For his arrival she can see a rainbow waits to emerge. It suggests that within short period of time he will come. The nature halts for her lover’s arrival. And in the poetic way she states that no matter what happens in life and nature she still writes because he will come to her. The final line gives intense importance to the meaning of the entire poem. She is a poet and still she continues to write regardless of everything because she still waits for his arrival.

You Or Me?

Who came intimately first?
Who first open the eyes?
Cannot figure out who loved first?
You or Me?
Who called the desire first?
Who felt the lust first?
Who responded with passion instantly?
You or Me?
Who is at a loss by the love for each other?
Who laughed with Ecstasy of love at first?
You or Me?
Who gave the first word of love?
When two souls became one?
When all it started singing all the songs with the same tune?
Who has lost in the wave of losing one’s heart to each other?
You or Me?

Note: The lover’s sweet exchange of reminiscences.

Commentary: The lovers has passed the primary stage. Now they are recalling reminiscences. It’s sweet stage of love. It’s not a competition. Rather lovers dialogue stating their sweet stage of love. As if their love has passed the primary stage of Spring. When spring arrives just after that poet’s story tellers’ question poetically when the birds first started chirping? Which trees leaves ruffled with the soft breeze? Was it bee or butterfly to be active first. Similarly, the lovers are questioning each other the primary stages of love with the sweet essence of reminiscences.


TABASSUM TAHMINA SHAGUFTA HUSSEIN is an aesthete and humanitarian from Dhaka, Bangladesh & MA holder in British & American Literature. Now a Free-lance writer, her poems appeared in literary magazines. She participates in recitals. Her hobby is making DIY jewellery for near and dear ones and travelling. Her poems appeared in Our Poetry Archive 'Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders Anthology' 2018, Poetry Potion, The Pangolin Review, Ink and Sword Magazine, Imomotimi-A Tribute to Gabriel Okara Anthology, Academy of Heart and Mind, Tiny seed literary journal, Turnpike Magazine, PA 'Spirit of Nature Anthology' 2019, Pomona Valley Review, Libretto Literary magazine, Our Poetry Archive, Cephalo Press, The Local Train Magazine, Different Truths Magazine. She is the member of the governing body of her home town college, Mirsarai College, Chittagong. She seeks beauty from the blade of grass to the twinkling stars.  Aestheticism is the essence of her existence. She can be reached at

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