Saturday, February 1, 2020



A Man Without A Pen

A man without a pen is like
A blind person who just got noticed
In a society where conditions require a bleeding ink
But understands nothing he gets confused.

A man without a pen
Own prisoner of himself
In constant physical suffering and pain
A million voices were trying to escape in his head.

A man without a pen
Is the one with great data for the world
But there is a lack of voice to echo his message.

A man without a pen
The one whose fire is slowly dying
Drown in one's own emotions
But still he cannot communicate his need for help.
A man without a pen is lost.

I Wish I Was A Poet(1)

I wish I was a poet
I will clear my resentment
With a stitch of a smile
I will make my heart go
The mind is always in lightweight collections
As long as I lack resentment.

I wish I was a poet
I will heal my lame fame
I'll put my eyes on the sites of memories
Where I will cover my vast past

I wish I was a poet
I would have crossed my lips
For the people who stayed
My terrible walk
And erased my stamped prints.

I Wish I Was A Poet(2)

I wish I was a poet
With a drop of ink from my pen 
Mouth to relieve the sad feelings of others,
To celebrate equally with my book
Fear, disgust, jealousy, hurt to suit my mood.

I wish I was a poet
To reach the soul to the words
That correspond to its editing,
To solve the age-old questions,

I wish I was a poet
I will love my pen and paper
Put life into words
Leaving a legacy on the sands of time.


MAMU ROSHID is a Rohingya from Myanmar County, He is a twenty two years old community teacher from Myanmar (Burma). He had been teaching at the Bangladesh Learning Centre in Refugee Camp since 2 years he is utilizing his experience in teaching English, Mamu loves to write poetry, short story and quotes and is a budding poet. Currently he was working in MSF (Medécins Sans Frontières) Bangladesh Refugee Camp. On social media he has been emerged as a prominent love Poet, by participating and winning several poetry competitions. He was awarded from many different institutes as a Poet and humble servant of humanity. His poems have published in many International anthologies. He has been working on different peace. His work and efforts have been recognized.