Saturday, February 1, 2020




I discovered that the world
Can have
Love or hate,
Life or death.
But what about soul?
And spirit?
And gratitude?

They all have hearts,
But only some can love...
They have divine
And sublimity
Till the sky
And above...

What about the ice
That exists inside of some?
Can, ever, they bring
The warm of God?
Or the soul will be, forever,
Empty... a desert?
How many generations
Need to become dust,
Till the Heaven will be
Inside of all the hearts...
...and souls?

Does this world has a chance?!
Or the darkness will illuminate
The eternity?

A New Horizon

A new wonderful horizon line
Bring in our life more shine
In a future what will become
The best what fate can ever done

When the dark seems to cover
Our days from all over
Not forget to hope and have trust
Because even the life comes from dust.

So, not forget that our hope
Even when is small same as a drop
Not stop to believe that we are
Same as a beautiful brightening star,

That can, with true love, to shine
When has inside piece of divine,
What come, without any doubt,
From the unique love of God.

Feel Happy!

Feel happy even when you want to cry,
Feel happy even when you think you'll die
Feel happy in your pain
Even when your tears flow same as rain.
Feel happy every day,
Even when you must to pay
All bad things what you have done
In this life what will have gone.
Feel happy that you have time more
To be better than before,
Feel happy to bring the light
In your untreasure heart.
Feel free and make your pray,
Because God gave you this way,
To feel really the freedom taste
When you will pass the Heaven test.


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