Saturday, February 1, 2020



Returning To My True Self

Returning to my true self
After having strayed from myself
Cold and fragile
I have given up on myself

Returning to my true self
Weaving the loose threads
Disentangling the intricate web
I have forsaken myself

Returning to my true self
Curing the untreated illnesses
Healing the incurable wounds
Trying to strengthen myself

Returning to my true self
Silent when longing to scream
Closing my eyes before the unseen
An intimate stranger to myself

Returning to my true self
Seeing only myself
Curious about myself
Have I given up on true myself


You're staring at my sorrows
You paint them with a smile
 When silence fires
Your voice then is a golden tide

And when the soul's pain is silenced
Your hand is in your hand
I know you're staying forever
From the beginning of my strength In my soul

I snored the nest
Like a fresco moth
And think me the gold strings
Which one plays the moonlight

One stars You're the dark
My dreams of my heaven
I know I stay forever thirsty
Framed bird white


You are my Vineyard
My thoughts and breathing
My survival and enthusiasm
My Love is exalted

I am Your birth line
Your shade and Your fruit
Your delight is in me
Your seed grew into a bowl

You're feeding me with rainwater
You pour me the sun into the berries
You smoke me fog
You cover snow with your lips

I guard your delight with love
I'm giving you a whip
Without You, I'm not a vineyard
Without me, you're not a vineyard


DESANKA RISTIC, born in 1965 in Kikinda, where she graduated from the Pedagogical Academy and then the Faculty of Education in Sombor. She works in elementary school "Vuk Karadzic" as a teacher of class teaching. Married and mother of three children: Tamara, Tijana and Mihaila. So far, she has published collections of poetry While I so wish, Narodna Biblioteka "Jovan Popović" Kikinda 1998., Ozarja, BKC Novo Miloševo 2009. and Nišča, BKC Novo Miloševo 2014. Žurim Ti, Dositej Gornji Milanovac 2017.

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