Saturday, February 1, 2020



Unite For Better Tomorrow

Let us unite to make this world a better place
Where we can wake up every day
with a smile that reaches our eyes
Where we can sip our coffee joyfully
not frowning, expecting a bad day
Where we can go to work energized, feeling safer,
The heart is overflowing with joy knowing
it’s another brand-new day to show kindness,
where we can invoke a universe of happy people
to be a blessing
Then this world will soon feel it
This world will soon be filled with kindness
Then life will be more bearable to live.

Am I Special?

I run, scream, can’t stay still
Mood swings rule my day
Explosive nature is what I display
I’m crazy my peers say.

You call me Special.
Honestly, I don’t know how you can.
Reluctantly, I can see why.
Society makes fun of me
And I’m labelled Special
When what everybody mean is -
I am Special.

A crazy kid whose emotion is unstable
Does that make me Special?
That’s what you whisper
And in silence I suffer.

Is there a life for someone like me?
With a malady nobody understands.
As I reach my academic ceiling point
I hear I need professional care.
How dare the Society implies
That I can’t learn and behave in a normal way.

Yes, I think I’m special, unique in many ways
But my mom loves me just the same.
And, did God in his wisdom make me Special?

One More With Feelings

A love that sparks through tiny lights
Illumine our hearts and take us away
from the darkest past.

Let the stillness of silence
Bedazzled by our love
Unmindful of the sound of silence
Let the deafening silence
Deafen the world
with the thunderous beating
of two hearts IN LOVE.

Let our hearts twinkle as one
Let me be your melody!
Let me be your thought!
And let the beating of our hearts,
Makes you hear me whisper
"I am yours and You are mine!”

Love Me

Love me like in a love song
Love me like the yellow bells kiss the first droplets of snow
Oh, love me like the nuzzling kittens purr in sweet throes
Love me like there's no tomorrow.

Love me till the sun sleeps
Love me till we turn red with passionate kisses
Love me till we gasp in the moonbeams
Yes, Love me till the music rests.

Love me beneath the silence of our heartbeats
Love me underneath the countless sparkling night stars
And love me even if we are miles apart
Yes, Love will find its way to our hearts.

Only One Mother Earth

We only have but one life to live
On this Eden, we called Mother Earth
The God who created our heaven and earth
Designed it so pristine from its birth.

The man and woman
And all the living things
Only a living God could create from nothing.

Did God create the bombers?
Or the bombers create their gods?
Our own adversary is no other than our brothers
Poisoned their mind and became evildoers.

How good to breathe and to be alive?
On this precious, precious earth!
Which envy, enmity, natural calamity
Subdue its natural beauty.

We cannot find peace even in the place of worship
Peace became a piece of broken dreams and hopelessness
For all the loved ones who lost their dearest!

We are a human not heartless monster
We are created in God's image and not of Lucifer
Goodness and not evil are our first blanket cover
We may never understand, but "it's now or never."

Your Eyes
My Feet

Your eyes,
Will be my eyes to see every sparkling beauty
My feet,
Will be your feet to walk you through uncertainty.

I will run with your feet in sunshine and rain
Going up on hills, valleys, dales, and mountains
And when the “tides’ of life run against us”
In our lifetime, my feet will chart our course.

You will see with my eyes life’s splendour
Thank God for His handiwork that we adore
Let’s marvel at the lovely blossoms of every spring,
And the blinding silvery shine every winter will bring.

I will always be your eyes, my dearest,
And you will forever be my feet.
And we both witness with my eyes
Rapturous joy in every present guest.

My eyes will always “look for hundreds of reasons”
not to give up on you,
And your feet will always find a single reason
To walk us by faith in any season.

Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad


EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD: She was born in the beautiful province of Zambales, Philippines where the sweetest mangoes can be found and that is recorded in World Guiness book of records. She dedicated her life at the age of 8th to be a woman church worker and from that time on she never stopped serving the children, young and old men and women. Twenty years as a Full-time Church Deaconess and Teacher of the United Methodist Church. She has been a Professional License overly dedicated Teacher for many years, and currently the School Director of an outreach and mission school Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc. which she pioneered and helped established since 1991. From June 1986 to December 2003, she served as Radio Licensed volunteer daily radio host, programmer, program producer over radio DWRF 1458 khz of Far east Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Amungan, Iba, Zambales,Philippines.  The Only Filipino Poet Representative and A Lifetime Achievement Award has been bestowed upon her on the 12th Guntur International Poetry Festival and Poetry on Wheels held in Guntur Andra Pradesh and Hyderabad, India September 18-23, 2019. Her Eden Blooms, a bilingual book has been released on this occasion. She also translated in Filipino Language an epic book of Dr Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, titled The Casket of Vermillion”, and poems of other foreign poets. Her Eden Blooms 2 titled “Symphony Of Souls” will be published before this year end. She is an appointed AMBASSADOR of HUMANITY 2019 by the Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW) Dr. Waheed Musah. An International Honorary Awardee of World Institute of Peace (WIP) as WORLD ICON OF PEACE & PROTOTYPE OF CANDOR, PC 2019. She is the PRESIDENT of “KIWANIS GLOBAL CHILDREN EMPOWERMENT”, PHILIPPINE LUZON DISTRICT, DIVISION 2B1” located in San Agustin Iba, Zambales with International Motto “Serving the children of the World”. Every Saturday her poems are being translated, recited and aired by poetess radio hosts Leticia Guzman over Internet Radio in Mexico Vision Universal Radio program VOCES Y PLUMAS DE UNAMOS AL MUNDO CON LA POESIA in English and Spanish Languages. Several of her poems has been featured in international Anthologies such as 12th Guntur Anthology 2019, Amaravathi 2019 Hyderabad India, World Peace Anthology 2019 Mexico, Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2019,  Different truths Anthology, Microrelato Club Literario” Versos desde el Pilcomayo” Los Reyes De La Tertulla” Bolivia 2019”. On June –August 2018 issue- Department of Education featured her poem titled “May Isang Guro” (Once There Was a Teacher) in DEPED ZAMBALES JOURNAL, Philippines. On September 29, 2018 – bestowed upon her a Medallion as PENTASI B World Poet Laureate 2018 by the Founder of Pentasi B and Father of Visual Poetry Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim at the International Humanitarian Conference in the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana, Africa. On July 31, 2018 – bestowed upon her a Medallion and Plaque of Recognition as PENTASI B World Featured Poet 2018 by the founder of Pentasi B and father of Visual Poetry Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim.


  1. I am so grateful and thankful for OPA for giving some of my poems a place in your OPA blog spot. This inspires me to continue my advocacy in spreading peace, harmony, global healing through poetry.

  2. Make it holier than holy
    Saturday,1st February 2020,0930 a.m.

    the world should not mar
    or compel to go far
    from their motherland
    let us make no miserable end

    Hasmukh Mehta
    Courtesy : Eden S Soriano

  3. Oh, how lovely dear great poet Hasmukh Mehta. Thank you so much.

  4. NILAVRONILL SHOOVRO , Thank you so much.

  5. Nice one .. feelings... Let my ripples
    Saturday, February 1, 2020

    Let it continue
    With no scope to view
    But to go unabated
    And never be spotted

    Hasmukh Mehta

  6. Hasmukh Mehta, whose pens never sleeps.
    I am thankful for your lovely poetry.