Saturday, February 1, 2020



Autumn Time

''Upon a admirable autumn day
Exhalation the aroma of fresh herbs
Floret don't want to away''

''Fogginess particles waft in sky
Rusty leaves fallen aged grizzled and dry''

''By whirlwind they afloat and scampered
Observing the bloom of leaves
Obliterate tempered ''

''Elongation nights shorten day
Ivy expresses laugh sheen as golden''

''Brilliant shades fallen and folden
Oh leaves thou dead and thaw into

''Only poet envisage your worth''


"O  thou peace unfathomable  freedom from trouble "
"Mark of perennial truth of yourself  glee redouble "
"Correlation assuredly bring peace
Privately "
"Sensations brawl to discern first dejection silently"
" fitness cannot well describe peace"
" some people find peace  in place"
" serenity of lord is to renounce all     dream upon race"
" calm thou heart beat revolves on faith"
" sanctify  soul on thee with evil face"



"Drops have inferior time to live
But they don't conk hope and willing to give"
"Let your memoir lightly dance
on the edges of time"
"Every drop of water is benison master
Ringing chime "
"Drops fall on leaf it gleam
Elect best spot where thou can dream "
"Brisk dew drop freshen core and soul"
"Where two drops of water unite
befit team attain goal"


RISHAMJOT K  (VIRK) She published her poems in  international journals , magazines and in other literary site's.  She got many prizes in recreational activities and  also published her 2  books 1st in Lucknow & 2nd in German 2016 writing poetry is her passion which is considered to be a for aged people who are aged experience of life and she is 25  years old want to putting name of india Punjab on world map,  writing always and in every occasion a detail, a photo of a sunrise or a sunset, a painting or what is in nature and in the whole world arouses motive and inexhaustible source of inspiration She has participated in various national and international and world poetry competitions obtaining prizes certificates of participation  honorable mentions.

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