Saturday, February 1, 2020


Cradle Of Nature

Where snow-covered sky-high mountains
Where the sky full of twinkling stars
Dawn and dusk change rarest of colors
Where heavy waterfalls spread shining pearls
Cattle grazing, widespread green fields
Full of multi colored, inviting, seasonal flowers
As if skilfully woven velvet carpets, in deep valleys
Ecologically rich " Cradle Of Nature “my surroundings
Humble roar of sea, thunderous crack sometimes
I can hear in my region, cyclones furious
Enjoying sea beaches with sand, shells, snails
How can I deprive my companions, from my memories!
There are regions, never get Sun, snow covered always
Dense forests, dry deserts, or places on water sails
The place, where childhood spent, nobody forgets
Man has destroyed, perfect equilibrium of Nature
It's pity, never thought of future
The life of the planet is now in danger....
Copyright @manjula asthana mahanti

Without You

. Where are you,
Why are you hiding!
My dear,
You are beauty
You are love
You are life,
I’m anxious without you
There is no youth without you,
My life is not mine
If you are not with me
I'm impuissant to perform
To work, without you,
There is no zeal without you,
You are inspiration, present in
All my poems, gazals, writings,
There is no creation without you,
You are my soul
My story ends without you,
Don’t want to share with anyone
My story without you,
Life has come to stand still
Without you,
Be kind to me my love,
Be generous.....
Copyright @manjula asthana mahanti

The Rose

Just like a beautiful dream of mine
In the early morning
You existed in the middle of garden
My heart was full of delight
Willing to kiss and taste its vine
Your presence was beautifying the
Your alluring fragrance was joining
Your charm was inviting to come
Your open rosy lips whisper
Most graceful words to make eager
The aroma of your fragrance
Will travel with me whole day
Your enchanting beauty is momentary
I know, but wait for another day
You will find new traits to chime
Copyright@manjula asthana mahanti


MANJULA ASTHANA MAHANTI: Postgraduate in Hindi and Sociology Graduation... With English hons. B. Ed. Sangeet Prabhakar. Vocal. Guided postgraduation students. Joined College as senior lecturer. Last worked as school principal.  Published....  Abhishap  Damini Ka..  Translation Safar ME Dhoop To Hogi.. Kaagaz  ki kashti .. Iztiraab gazal  sangrah..  Unnayan -ek drishtikon... Novel. A collection of Short stories, coming shortly Submitted her poems in many upcoming. International Anthologies. Few of them have come also just as..  Nostalgia.  3 poems,  1 short story. Voice of Humanity. 1 poem Holistic Heelings.. 1 poem OPA..  3 poems twice.  ICMDR.... 1 article. Quilled with Patriotism.. 3poems. The Vase..  1 poem. Redemptive musings. 1poem. Recipient of Bharat Ratna Atal Behari Bajpai Award. Along with  other many Samman. Have been selected for  Rabindra  Nath Tagore Award. Recipient of “Star Ambassador Of World Poetry & Art "

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