Saturday, February 1, 2020



In The Home Of The Globe

April has filled the white spaces of humanity,
Where are the friendship messages:
Join the people in the planet Earth,
To get rid of fights and tears,
To expose hate and lust,
To expel governments that cannot live without swamps of wars,
That people's lives are killed by the knives of despair.

Zero Distance Era

It was the fall of leaves,
The ear eavesdrops the universe at the moment when it wakes up,
The eye on the road axis follows the pace of life.
Physicist a few steps away from the gates of the Universe,
A hand far of the mantle of mystery.
Historians are climbing
In the nebula quote of time,
When the Pelasgians were born deities
And Prometheus opened the great era
Of self-sacrifice.

Now is the time of poets,
To connect man to man
The Era of Zero Distances has begun.

Do Not Abandon Yourself

Happens in life
Friends to leave one by one,
Like yellow leaf of autums’s oak
Remain all alone between the winds.

Do not leave yourself in the hands of despair,
Over the ruined soul
Winter wrecks fall off.

Look into the depth of the horizon
On the dawn of the purple day,
Here comes a wind-leaf
Opening timbers of trust.


KUJTIM MATELI was born on 15.06.1951 in Albania. He has published poetry and literary criticism, highlighting the poetic volumes "When He Thinks of Others", "Calming the Troubled Soul" and "Walking on a Thread of Hope". His poetry touches on the concerns of the world we live in and the love for the man who fights to make it all the more beautiful.

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