Saturday, February 1, 2020



Song Of Butterflies

Waiting for a song to sing together
Song of humanity and creation…

We are butterflies
Between a thousand flowers

At night we run among dreams
Stars and moon both merge
Us in love
Neon signs and bill boards
Who cares?

Like a potter who gives life to clay
This moon creates a shadow

Evening’s silent approach
To a blank page of our heart

Sea waves, winds and sea shells
Sky and clouds
Talking to each other
Our secret poetry dissolve in perfect silence…

Between Us 

Memories never go away
When you first came
Under our antique sky
You whispered your secret

Our hearts are melting
A candle deep inside
Beyond the blue sea and grey mountain
Our lips and eyes
The fireflies glowed in the night

Our way to an unknown island
A mystery tale
Hidden behind a waterfall
This midnight hour
Under the shadow of the quiet moon

We surrendered

Became strangers again
In the rebellious wind

Let The Night In

Tonight, a wordless night
Hours putting together
A short glimpse of dreams
Hanging from the wall

Turning twisting the bones and marrow
You wished to get to the bottom of me
A lonely heart who wants so much
Kissed by lonely autumn leaves

Mad of you, riding wilderness
Your dreams of a childhood garden
Picking pebbles from the mountain ruins
Stubborn wind refusing to let the night die
© Asoke Kumar Mitra,2019


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