Saturday, February 1, 2020



No One Cries

Though my love is like red rose
No one cries when my heart is on the ocean
While thy ship will be drawn
And I keep my mouth to be silent
Since no waves can save
All my body be in sea water
I know the nature will be a mercy
If thy thought does not run away

Thy Life Is Like The Sun Light

The life i run is like the sun light
It runs away sometimes
Without having force
Difficult to gaze
Can't be waited for any longer
That time will be missing
To be or not to be
Destiny for Almighty
Anyhow that is the fact
Before thy breath has gone away
I tend to accept what will be there
Caused by Him to stand for
sm/15/10/2019, copyright

Back To Nature

How can the nature give a help
If the creatures are in opposite
Caused by misunderstanding
That brings anger of Almighty

Try to keep a harmony in lives
To make sure of what to do
Actions are estimated
For the law is in His hand

Don’t let the earth be angry with
Try to make it calm as soon as the sea is not drying
To be a lesson of humanism
That be a good quality of lives


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias,North Sumatra-Indonesia,17-05-1958.He was graduated from English and Literature Department,Faculty of Cultural Study,University of North Sumatra,Medan-Indonesia.He is now still teaching English and Literature,and writing poems and short stories.His works were mostly published in social medias such "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING”(2016),and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English.He was a poet and  conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu,Malaysia,2017, Pahang,2017,USM Penang,2017,Singapore,2018, UPM,Malaysia,2018 and UNY,Yokyakarta,2018.

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