Saturday, February 1, 2020



Rhythm Of Life

Not every flower is destined to bloom.
Not every bride can retain their groom.
Not every monsoon month bring rain.
Not every venture is bound to gain.
Not every antidote heals the heart.
Tough to join parts broken apart.
Not every hug stops tears' flow.
Not every eye have watched rainbow.
Not every festivity leads to joy.
Not every comfort do we enjoy.
Not every soul has danced on snow.
Not every heart felt morning glow.
Not every minute makes happy hours.
Not every cloud brings evening showers.
Not every rain unveils glowing rainbow.
Not every morning, where sunshine’s glow.
Not every wedding makes happiest couple.
Not every love causes burning ripple.
Kith and kin often end up in court.
Say "good bye" and forever distort.
Not every being has food to eat.
Not every ailment is sure to beat.
Not every penny brings smile on lips.
Not every move is within our grips.
Life still moves on, never stops.
In spite of plenty, ageless backlogs.
Pleasing smile hides countless pain.
Oceans of teardrops drive insane.

Evergreen Love

Close my eyes and speak to you
in thousand silent ways.
Just don’t care if there or not
in lonely nights and days.

Lovely echoes vibrate still
and throb this weary soul.
Each and every thought of yours
just makes me so very whole.

Passionate hugs and burning kisses
that forced me ask for more.
Crave so badly touch of thine,
hence, miss you so galore.

Reminiscences that hold me tight
and rapt me still with charms.
Every inch when long for you.
Wish...wrapped by pair of arms.

You bewitch dense, this thirsty dove
and leave her all engrossed.
You fix her hard with casting spells
and get her all this lost.

Same as magnetic field of an orbit,
you revolve around me.
Even in absence you make me feel,
without letting me too lonely.

Fancy this ardour persist for long,
gravely hold and behold.
It’s all the same when I’m young enough,
or just seventy years old.

Inspired by the song “thinking out loud”

Where Green Meets Blue

Call of green, pure and clean.
A brush of gentle breeze.
That's what feels, long stretched hills.
Land of clouds to please.
Distant view, oh! rendezvous.
In halcyon heavenly abode.
Sporadic rain, hilly terrain.
Billowing zigzag road.
Wintry chill, drizzles to feel.
Wrapping with warmest shawls.
Moods to dream, serpentine stream.
Along with burgeoning falls.
Vibrant flowers, riot of colors.
In meadows and valley that stretches.
Divinely bliss, life on it's knees.
Just like paintbrush sketches.
Whistling sound, at every round
of toy trains travelling far.
Green and green, so far could be seen,
light and dark everywhere.
Herd of cattle, seems so little,
far from close to the peak.
Lilliput land, looks so grand.
With amazing eyes to peek.
Year-round spring, hills of green.
Touches the azure blue.
Heaven on earth, with all its mirth.
Joins at horizon true.


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