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Perceiving Abstract Art


Hot War

Dead burning

Cold War

Living, letting out smoke


Hot War

Cold War

Leaving shells behind

Deliberately killing, axing

And blinding innocents


Crippled children, chopped childhood

Striking the daily path of destiny

With two tightly closed fists, those two stubs

None of them is a hermit

The expected and the unexpected –

The next exhibition of abstract art

An art confined in geographic

Rather than geometric frames



Using, exhibiting and conceiving mutilated shapes

From going through extreme pains

For what is concrete


Homeland’s Architecture


Cells are the first borders of this world

Cells are its last borders

Others deriving from others

Then what is Homeland?

Homeland is but a ceaseless building process

Do you want me to tell you the secret?

Forty-day old cells

Forty-year-old cells

Four-hundred-year-old cells

Four-thousand-year-old cells

Four-million-year-old cells

Human cells that have become soil and stone

Only these cells suffice to build Homeland

At lust

You must realize why God created man

From mud and

His own breath


Prometheus’ Liver


With a name coming from Olympus she symbolizes family

Yes, it is Hestia herself

Hestia gives him a deep kiss before his arrest

He touches her kiss on his lips with his hand

“The woman’s arched mirror,” he thought to himself

He, the poet

The head’s hair, his poetry title


Even the spaces separating the prison bars

Seemed to him

Women’s arched mirrors

None of them was an optic vision

“The man’s watching eye”, the prisoner’s contact

With the missing woman

“The blind man’s eye”, the yearning mercury

Conquering losing nights and crouching days

The crossed prison bars seemed to him

The prisoner’s arithmetic notebooks

Containing the numbers of Hestia’s visits

Witten with intertwined shadows instead of ink

Upon each visit, Hestia gave him flaming embers

Pouring from under her eye’s ashes

And left after spending the assigned minutes with him


She is still waiting for him at her eyes’ windows

Feeding him on her soul’s fires

Kissing him on his forehead as if she were bidding him the last farewell

He is still guarding those flaming embers

Already poured from under her eye’s ashes

In his liver’s land

Blowing at them, keeping them alive

Blowing at them unceasingly, just blowing at them

As a prisoner locked inside

Our century




Dr. HAMDI MEÇA-Albania, (Europe) Dr. Hamdi Meça has a creativity for all stages of human age. He is a poet, author, philosopher, ... from Albania, (Europe). Internationally recognized and honored with various awards, important medals, honorary titles, diplomas, certificates, etc. He was also elected to various international cultural boards. In the years 1976-2016, without mentioning his other contributions, he published in Albania, about 40 books in the genres and types of poetry and prose. In 2018, the publication of his books in the world begins. Specifically by this author, the publishing house "Aquillrelle", Croatia, (Europe), has published, in English and Albanian, the books: "A Poetic Mountain Range", (2018), "Vargmal Poetik", (2018), "303 Bet Bettles ", (2018)," 303 Beteja të Çmendura", (2018), " Lines ", (2019)," Viza ", (2019). Also the publishing house "AABS PUBLISHING HOUSE", India, has published by the creativity of the international poet, Dr. Hamdi Meça, books of poetry in English: "A Poetic Mountain Range", (2019), "Prometheus` Liver", (2019). In addition to these books and his other books that are expected to be published in various countries, in addition to his continued participation in anthologies and other international books, in addition to his publications in magazines, newspapers, portals, etc. in Albania and in the world, as well as in addition to other civic and humanistic contributions, this poetic art of his, in addition to Albanian and English, has translations published in other languages (Spanish, Italian, Romanian, German, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Arabic, Persian, etc.). According to observers, it is a unique stylistic, aesthetic and philosophical art. The author belongs to the Albanian MEÇA family, which the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. B. Nishani, in 2017, honored with the high state title "Honor of the Nation". Dr. Hamdi Meça was born on September 6, 1952, in the famous Albanian city of Kruja. After schooling in his hometown (1959-1972), in 1975 he completed his higher university studies in Language and Literature at the University "Luigj Gurakuqi", Shkodra. Again further specializes in other knowledge. For many years (1975-1995) he worked as a professor of literature, while further (1995-2008) he was appointed to the public administration of his hometown, Kruja. From 2008 onwards his work is almost entirely solely in the Art of Writing. Dr. Hamdi Meça currently lives with his family in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

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