Friday, October 1, 2021





A Promise


Come on, keep your promise

Surprise me with your arrival

Embrace my dreams tightly

And take the bow of the arrow out of my heart.


Hurry to the edge of the day

When the church bell rings

I am alone on a dream platform

Wrapped in a gentle silk twilight.


Knock on the door of silence

Put candles in your eyes

Bring me, and a glimmer of happiness

I'm waiting for you at the old address.


And put the stars in my lap

Let me kiss them with my lashes

Surprise me my beloved

On the swing of sleep as I sway alone.

© Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro


The Voice Of A Butterfly


The butterfly landed on my lap

The whirlwind brought him from Leotar

A wonderful Aber under the wings brought

My old love greets me ..


He still wants me

he still loves me with all his heart

Love still lasts in him

He still hugs me like the sun of dawn ..


Shy wings caress my soul

With my heart I hear the whispering of butterflies

The distances touch me with longing

Fingers dance on the lyre podium ..


My golden summer butterflies

It flies by the cold river Trebisnica

Return the voice to my beloved dear

Instead of me, kiss his face.

Author: Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro

Stay Hidden


We met somewhere between illusions and dreams

Where the celestial spindles cut the system

In a whirlwind of magic we reached the moon's roof

Sneaking through the rhymes far away from mine.


We recognize each other where you left off in the middle of your mind

As you lustfully listened to my songs notes

The moment the cunning moon stole our emotions

Splashing us with the tide to the highest elevation.


Remain still hidden among the moon's pupils

I'll keep your composure, I swore to that

My outlines are a solid shield do not give in to change

Follow the melody of my heart, everything is said in it.

Author: Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro



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