Friday, October 1, 2021






it happens

for my soul

to overtake me

as I run

and my poor body

clenches teeth

to reach it

I run

and while time is immeasurable

my heart is measuring

an hourglass

is crumbling my bones


I run

and my head

like a weirdo

on my shoulders

with a malicious thought

is pecking me


and with whom

like a sleepwalker

day in day out

I am racing

as if

I could turn

the hourglass

all by myself

Red And White Blood Cells



I was attentively juggling

with my red blood cells

you came along, as well

juggling with white blood cells

and while the game of passion was taking place

in which we have mixed all of our cells together

to be cautious you said to me

at once

because not a cell you are allowed

to lose

the white ones – you need to live

the red ones – you need to love me




with red blood cells

juggling often

from my fingers

swarm of people

comes out and runs

and we are all passionately perfecting,

they – in the ability

to keep the blood

from falling

on the paper, and

I -

in the ability to strengthen

the heart beat

to the colossal muteness

in the middle of the bloodthirsty audience

where she sits as well,

my darling,

furiously angry

and fully aware

of my compulsive vice

to play






Translated From Macedonian Into English

By Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska




BORCHE PANOV was born on September 27, 1961 in Radovish, The Republic of North Macedonia. He graduated from the ''Sts. Cyril and Methodius'' University of Skopje in Macedonian and South Slavic Languages (1986). He has been a member of the “Macedonian Writers’ Association” since 1998. He has published: a) poetry: “What did Charlie Ch. See from the Back Side of the Screen” (1991), “The Cyclone Eye” (1995), “Stop, Charlie” (2002), “The Tact” (2006), “The Riddle of Glass” (2008), “The Basilica of Writing” (2010), “Mystical Supper” (2012), “Vdah (The Breathe of Life)” (2014), “The Human Silences” (2016), “Uhania” (2017), “Shell” (2018); and several essays and plays: “The Fifth Season of the Year” (2000), “The Doppelgänger Town” (2011), “A Dead-end in the Middle of an Alley” (2002), “Homo Soapiens” (2004), “Catch the Sleep-walker” (2005), “Split from the Nose Down” (2006), and “The Summertime Cinema” (2007). He has also poetry books published in other languages: “Particles of Hematite” (2016 - in Macedonian and Bulgarian), “Vdah” (2017 – in Slovenian), “Balloon Shaving” (2018 – Serbian), and “Fotostiheza” (“Photopoesis, 2019 – Bulgarian). His poetry was published in a number of anthologies, literary magazines and journals both at home and abroad, and his works are translated into English, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, French, Catalonian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Danish language.

Panov works as the Counselor for Culture and Education at the municipality of Radovish, and he is also Arts Coordinator for the “International Karamanov’s Poetry Festival”, held in Radovish annually. Poetry from Borche Panov is translated from Macedonian into English by Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska:


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