Friday, October 1, 2021







Light of hope in everyone's  eyes ,

Goes out,  burns,  unknown is end ...

Light of truth... is seen  in the darkness,

Hope ... never disappears  from the heart.


Lover's hope is to his beloved

Beauty  ... is on  the  person's clothes ...

 Wealth of the bird ...  is in his beak,

Hope ...  to  God, only to  God.


End path of  grief is sweet ,

Water of love spring ... is deep,

 Root of  the well of fate  ... is deep,

Hope only to God  ... already ... no patience .



Through what had you went ...  for  getting your  wish ,

Cursing everyone ... in his heart,

Hope only to God ... don't get in sin

Hope ... to the  God ... only to the  God.


My grief,   my sorrow, dear brother,

 Stars are my talkers, the closers  my  .

Love ...  is my fate friend... for ages,

Hope ... to the God ....and for the tomorrow!



My heart talks


Dreams ... still in travel

Power of man... is in the love,

My praying hands ...are on prays,

My heart talks ... only with me.


Where ...  the memories take me away ,

My hope ... pulls out the grief,

Who looks for in the dream ... finds in paradise

 My heart talks ... only with me. 


I am closely with good wishes,

I find   the solace on rich dreams,

How  the sky... is full of stars...

My heart talks ... only with me.   



Saw  Grief


Turned  and looked to  the  universe,

Saw  some youngers ... with  crying  eyes ,

The lover  was offended  with beloved too,

But ,  I saw the grief on the feeling hearts.


How much  grief has the smilers man,

And ,  the heart of the rich... has no mercy

Griefs are thorn and arrow to heart,

But,  I saw the grief on the feeling hearts.


The end of the five-days world is doesn't appear ,

Our beating heart , doesn't seem to be beating,

No one talks and says , for the guilty

But,  I saw the grief on the feeling hearts.


Fate is the day and night , for the grievers,

What's with the end of our life ?

Life  is amusement  for the shameless,

But,  I saw the grief on the feeling hearts.


Translated Into Azerbaijani : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla Qizi




VUQAR AHMAD: Of Azerbaijan (poet and scientist) was born in 1963 in Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan. He graduated his higher education at ASPU. Has family and two children. He is the author of hundreds literary and scientific articles and about fifty books.  Now, he is the professor, Doctor of Philological Sciences, the head of department “History of Press and Publisistics" Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi,  Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences



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