Friday, October 1, 2021







When can the homeless feel at home?

And not to be looked upon as dirty and worthless.

When can a single mother with seven kids, be given some dignity?

And not to be looked upon as a hoe and living a promiscuous life.

When can a teenage mom be shown some care and love?

And not to be seen as a school dropout who wanted the streets.

When can the sick, the hopeless, the disabled get comfort,

Hands outstretched for a hug or a kiss?

And not to be looked upon as a hopeless case and being discriminated.

When can a woman whose been sexually abused and mistreated by

her husband or boyfriend? be saved and protected, given a home for the abused

instead of being taken for granted and making her feel her punishment is well deserved.

When can a child be a child and enjoy her childhood?

Instead of being seen as child labor, a wife or a sexual toy.

Being the grown one to take up responsibility for the family taking care

Of siblings, whilst the parents are drunk and high on drugs.

When can a husband love his wife and see her as his choice,

His partner and loving her to eternity.

Instead of running down every dress tail

To provide sexual fantasies and paying big bucks.

While the wife on her feet preparing a special dinner

To share the good news about a promotion, sits alone to eat.

When can co-workers work together in harmony, unity, uplifting

Each other, treated with respect and dignity.  And not to be belittled,

Talk down to, thrown under the bus, and mistreated.

When their support upholds the office many times.

When could racialism be a thing in the past?

If we still treat each other with hate, discriminate,

Participate in pulling down one another.

So many more questions, but where are the answers?

It lies deep within us, to search ourselves

Open our hearts and receive each other love each other

And treat each other with the respect and dignity

We each deserve.



The Troubled Seed


It is happening now, yes right now can you see it?

Don’t you see? Humanity. it is gone.

Where are the chosen ones to guide, to lead?

Where is the help when someone is in need?

Hate is the biggest parasite,

Once it latches on it’s not letting go.

We look up to the elders for the answers

The ones that knew the rules of the forefathers

But somehow, somehow a bad seed got rooted deep.

So deep that it formed thorns and thistles felt like needles.

Piercing the skin, felt the pain within.

So, the cruel intentions were sown, it bored fruit

and manifested into visions and dreams.

That had to be played out like a movie scene.

Wanted no help, but rather be fed with the devil’s bread.

It tasted good, such pleasure, that it was treasured

Didn’t care what measured.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the family sees a hero.

But all the charade is nothing but zero.

Trying to get out of the trap to seek help

But the voices in the head like magnet

Saying “Come over and be fed.”

Can’t break free from the chains, ignorance steps in,

Isolation steps in a hunger and thirst for

Unrighteous sin. Begin.

The clock is ticking the hour - glass is set.

Will this be another statistic, full of regret?

But they prefer to die, than to live a lie.

This is what was sown, this is what was reaped

A troubled childhood into a troubled manhood.

The roots are growing and it’s never ending.

Stretching it’s boarders twisting and bending.

Wake up people. Wake up from that sleep.





Walls of division that separate humanity.

Causing hate, strife, bitterness and envy

The walls the walls break them.

Shatter them, move them and releaser them.

Because they build up so fast.

Causing a foundation to be formed

Like chains that traps, being suffocated and strapped

Have the walls come down?

Walls of injustice, walls of prejudice, walls of racism.

These walls were built since the beginning.

Pointing a finger, when the others look at us.

The man in the mirror, you, me, we.

Are we free? Have the walls sent us back to slavery?

Like the song says emancipate yourself.

Free it, Free it, Free it.

From petty ills of jealously, self and arrogance.

If positive walls must be built.

Build them for strength, build them for unity,

Build them for love, build them for togetherness.

Which walls are you? Are you the builder of positivity?

Or are you the builder of destruction? The question is in your hand.




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