Friday, October 1, 2021





Wamda Abandonment


Sorry tonight

identification small weddings

in the belly of the whale,

The abandonment is complete..!!


All insects catch me

Spider web, after...

I migrated my little hut..!!


 I painted desertion leaves

before reaching the shores,

The salt of ideas dissolves..!!


Bring the light of peace..

cut the jugular vein,

The secret of the sky refuses to be abandoned..!!


She honestly rolled her eyes

The letter of abandonment has passed,

Where is the interpretation of the hadith..?!!


Leap lines convulsed

With wrinkles of drunken times..

The desertion has an old wall..!!


Age powders revealed

By reading the battle of gray hairs,

Abandonment is a blow to him..!!


Shadow The Axles


The poem is not complete

On the saddle of wild horses

Oh salt of taming...

I cross my shadow

After the laughter of the trapped breeze

And the taxes of a lifetime are hoarded towards us

Dark colors in the quiver of breaking

That swirl wasn't generous

Or a whirlwind in my inverted cup

For a palm reader that counts omens

death ahead..

I don't know the pause time

Except for your hands that are pointing

To go away!!

The demise of everything alive

tickles the height of a fleeing cloud غ

When you get rid of secretions

successively on an empty stomach

It only swallowed the pain..

My river does not flow with antelope horns

And don't shake hands with scarecrows in the fields

Confused collecting the sounds of birds العصا

After Al-Sanabel's abortion..

O slanting wind, don't wink

silence of the windmills

The loaf no longer hugs the lips

Enlighten my mother and do not flirt with her fingers

White dough breast..

Until the crackling of woodcuts

The woodcutter's ax changed!!

The Poet of Peace / Adnan Rikani

24/6/ 2021


Faint Gasps


Your chest groans...

Sahel hugs my hungry fingers

Preying on the wilt lung with a gasp

Raging bull running south

I hear nothing but the ringing of an anklet

Amazed by the silence

With the colors of the sunset flowing...

Wearing a seductive embroidered dress

Beads of nostalgia..

And the tongue falls out

From the sweetness of the Euphrates River.

And the Tigris of Goodness beckons Bendim

The dirt oozes from his lips

The fog of negligence dissipates, take care

And Mawil song..

She did not see the light her tunes

And every melody rushes to you

Hectic in the winter cold as my aches

It melts only with the touch of your hands

Penetrates into the pores of the earth

That delicate fragrance from your soft breath

And the dew of the dawn leaves..

And the heart sings with murmurs

The migratory wind to erase traces

Horseshoes on the dirt..

The Poet of Peace / Adnan Rikani




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