Friday, October 1, 2021





A Grain Of Sand


Like a grain of sand on this loving shore

Waiting for a breeze of dawn, cooling the night.

A shell, with singing waves, running for more.

I keep searching for the love's golden lights..


The crowd vanished into the night .

Colorless silence embraces.. aching thoughts.

Pain and love.. Hidden behind the falling light.

Where to, my love, the waves are sending your boat...


How far can  you escape

Our soul's shreds

In love, as in life. We enjoy and hurt too..

We shared roses, With thorns, we could thread..

And tight games of life.. We could break through..


We laughed.. We cried.. And our tears we dried

We knew the way to paradise, opened its door.

We got lost sometimes, days of joy denied

We lived fully..

Isn't it life that journey of love and hate wars....


But you sailed.. You left it all and sailed

On the harbor, all alone i stayed

The ocean had swollen your songs of hate

Like a grain of sand.. For your coming  back, i wait...


A Peaceful Silence


Alone on the deck of the boat

In thd middle of the night

A peaceful silence, a voiceless float

But the waltzing waves, all over the sight...


A fishing.. Glorious and fun

After a sailing day, in the red sea

Beauty has it's own sun

Shining upon hearts free..


Engine is of.. All sleeping sound

Moon dropping her  pearls of light

Some birds on Flirting waves.. Heaven found

On my neck, your breath.. In this caressing night..


Paradisiac world, you took me in

The red sea.. The fishing the moon you offered

The. Magical nights, the charm i could win

I keep them, as an eternal bliss of God


 A Poem In Nature


Hiding in the petal of a rose

Opening my eyes on the rising sun

Breathing  the fragrance with avid nose

Blood pulsating  with joy and fun...


Wishing to be a  strong tree

Roots dipped deep in the ground

Swaying  with the  the wind,happy & free

Wondering with every passing cloud...


A grain of sand on a peaceful  shore

Dancing around the lovers feet

Flying with every breeze &more

Caressed by every tide



A drop of water ,in the river of time

Loaded  with tears and memories

Flowing  and healing the world's  crimes

Toward  the ocean of splendor  legendary..


Wishing to be a poem in a wave

Spreading love in every wind

Filled with the Rose's fragrance

And flowing with you

Till the end...




HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese, Egyptian by marriage, living in Cairo, poet writer and translator. Having poems in many anthologies. Preparing my first poetry book to publish...Had Interior Design Engineering from “ Elba “ Lebanese University. Had art studies in American University In Beirut. Painter, had  many exhibitions in both Beirut & Cairo. Interior designer and decorator. Had my own furniture & artworks gallery in Egypt. I stopped working a few years ago and dedicated my full time to Poetry.

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