Friday, October 1, 2021







The greatest pleasure for baby girl

To hold, in her hands red rose petal,

Red rose is precious for her like pearl

Her face is radiating with delight, thrill,

The innocence on her face, is unparallel

Dressed in blue, cute, little baby doll,

Widespread nature loved by all

Green meadows, variety of flowers, trees tall,

Children like to be out, not in closed hall,

Let them play, they wish, cricket, hockey, football,

Smile of contentment on her rosy lips, glow of joyous feel,

Inspires, enjoy every small thing too, achieve pleasure real....



Moments Of Felicity..


Balloons, pearls, bloomed flowers,

Bunches of multicolored satin ribbons,

Holding a surprise gift in her hands,

Wish to open, enjoy the suspense,

That young pretty girl in

 frilly   white frock,

Specific hair does for festive fun and frolic,

Pretty cute face, anxious with curiosity

Still she had a sensuous

glow of serenity,

These momentary moments of felicity valuable

Special spices to make life more enjoyable....



A Simple Story


 It was a small cat

 In the corner of my room, sat

 Pussy cat, Pussycat

 From where have you enter

 In my room, till corner!

 A charming white cat

 Brown ears, brown eyes bright

 Gazing me with innocent

 Eyes but frightened

 Intermediating perhaps how

 I react to her now

 I couldn't be rough, cruel

 To the cute little soul

 Slowly lifted carefully

 Caressed affectionately

 She settled in my hand

 Looked curiously with demand

 Perhaps, she was in hunt for food

 I took her outside in the garden

 Dropped her to go to her destination

 She didn't move even an inch

 She expected from me, a nice lunch

 I couldn't offer her except

 Some milk, a slice of bread

 She licked my hands, ran away

 I felt satisfied, don't know, why!

 Every soul deserves some affection

 Your deeds of kindness, love, give satisfaction

 One should entertain, these

 Inborn feelings

 Copyright@manjula asthana mahanti



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