Friday, October 1, 2021





Time Is Not Perfect


Time is not perfect and will never be

Short, uncompromised and mysterious

But we always have a way to rebel towards it

Leaving the workroom, laptop and all sheets

Rendezvousing for coffee, laughter and quarrel sometimes


I call you a gift

That God gave neatly packaged with silvery linings

You are

a strength for my weakness

A light for my darkness

A stimulation for my idleness


Time is not perfect and will never be

Short, uncompromised and mysterious

We can’t conquer its power

Even the strong bond of our friendship

Still couldn’t overcome the change.

(Ewith Bahar)


Moon And Us


Can there be anything more glorious

Than being alone with you in the mauve night

The romantic moon smiles in your lips

Sublime symphony strikes a light in our hearts

We open all windows and door

To maximize the chance of surreal splendor

Letting in

Stays deep within


the moon spreads its heavenliness

brings the mystical feelings

please don’t close your eyes

it’s a magnificent bliss

to see the moon shadow in your retina.

(Ewith Bahar)


The Noise


Visited sea at ebony night

Without torch and the phone light’s turned off

Spirits’ whisper were welcoming my steps

The weep, moan and scream beneath the dark blue waves

Those packed hair-raising cries from years ago

Stabbed the quiet night


They were there, and still are

Within the chest of the sea

Becoming secret and history


Dewy morning

Under the deep orange sky

I still stand,

my feet sank in the grey sands

the noises fading out

now the silence in the morning,

under the bright sun frightening me.

(Ewith Bahar)




I heard Amira screams in agony

The  deadly viruses seared through her body

Her demise in terror trembled me

It’s so painful and lonely


This long pandemic

Trapping the globe in panic

Staining a life with uncertainty, 

fear and anxiety


Some said it’s a reprimand for nowadays life

But for me it’s a monster that comes with a knife

It robs many

Tranquility and friends I love dearly.

 (Ewith Bahar)




EWITH BAHAR is a published author, poetess, novelist, translator and essayist from Indonesia. She had a long-time career in a mass communication field (radio and television industry). Prior to joining RCTI (The biggest private TV station in Indonesia) in 2004, she was a host for several musical and cultural programs for TVRI (Indonesian government TV station).  She has published nine books, in all genres: poetry, novel, short stories, and essays. Another three books are still in an on-going process. Her poems were published in many national newspapers, journals and online medias, home and abroad. And also, can be found in approximately 60 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and in many international anthologies. She herself organized Indonesian poets to organize Indonesian poets to publish their works into ten poetry anthologies since 2014. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages. One of her poetry books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. Besides writing career, she was also a teacher at communication institutions, Interstudy and LEPPKINDO. Several years ago she run a public speaking course for children and teens, coordinated by her own event organizer. She is now active in KaBi (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel) and as a public speaker for creative writing, communication matters and bibliotherapy.  

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