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Is It Suffice?


Turning as the  flowing words , with hope,

If ,  I will fill your heart with  the runny, is it   suffice ? 

If , I will love , that  heart , more than myself,

İf we will become   as  the whole , is it suffice?


İf , I will  believe to the pattern of  life,

İf, I will be in love , to  your , that sweet,  pleasant glance ,

İf, I will become to the clouds of loving rain,

If, I will be like rain , for ages , to your soul ,  is  it suffice?


If, I will  absorbed in your being, and will be “ you "

If, I will fill up  your heart , will stay till the death  ,

if I will  be your lifelong  , closely  person   ,

If , I will love you  , more than myself, is it suffice ?


If , sometimes, I can look like , as the  father,

If , sometimes, I can take care of  , as  the  son,

If, sometimes, I can share your pain , as the friend,

If, I will be , the all  for you , is it suffice?


I'll Get Better !!!


Don't look the jolly  smile on my face

I hid the  tears in my eyes, like the sea..

How many stones I  hid ...inside

 in the  rebellious ... , the  wounded heart ,


How many broken hope pierce  my heart

Word flows  ... not blood ... now ... 

is sprawling  out  ... over the   paper... my bloody words ,

How many eyes look to my pain ... now.


Who left the  life, would left so,

without returning  , like the drop tears,

May be somebody would  guest ,  in your life...

But didn't calm you  down ... like  the beloved

You would hope   for love,  like  the raining ,

To wash   the loneness ,taking from you,

You would hope for   the woman, like your own mother,

To put up the  head  on the knees, for  sleeping  sometimes.


Let keeps  your   hands,  those hands  that,

To feel  someone is ... by your side

Let pouring joy and happiness from the eyes,

Never mind ,  your  years go by.

Never feel pain on your left...

Throw the stone pain ... from yourself...

Let , wipe out the pain...never feel   ..

pain of heart... and head...

What's wrong with me, doctor?

don't   exaggerate   so much, I can endure...

all my pains are embedded   in my heart

If you pull it out, I'll get better !!!



Just ... Only To Live  ...


I loved some mornings ...

  In this life...

only ... only   mornings ...

only ... the  crazy love...

I loved some mornings ...

for living    the silence  ... 

I  paved  my heart ... to the sun,

not for  warming  up

Just ... only to live  ...


Translated Into Azerbaijani : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla Qizi




SHAMİL ENVEROGHLU: Of AZERBAİJAN was born in 1986, in the Goranboy town, of Western Azerbaijan. Graduated Baku State University, a historian by profession, but his  hobby  is poetry. In 2018, he published his first book,which named "Let  spread ... in hearts"   , and is the author of hundreds poems. Currently, works as a teacher. Single.


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