Friday, October 1, 2021





Write My Fate White … My God


From birth … to this world,

Burned in fire … in water … I,

I filled up with grief … turned to the stone …

Write my fate white … my God.


Years passed, time was up ,

My way has turned … to black line,

I tried for going out … to white line, but…

Write my fate white … my God…..


I said , it’s a sudden case, would pass,

My fate ,may be… is still dumb,

This is only a moment … everything will passed,

Write my fate white … my God.


Life goes on, age goes up,

My black fate … never will turn white,

Life is getting shorter … enough,

Write my fate white … my God.


Stop changing your way,

You broke my pride … already,

Erase … my sorrow … enough,

Write my fate white … my God!



Give Me Back My Youth


Looking  at my  past years ...  like in a dream

I'm afraid of leaving these beautiful moments,

My youth, my successes followed each other,

I was  so happy, as   if the world was mine.


Years passed, I was grown old , as, if  I fell down ,  from the throne,

Looked around and plunged to  the passed  years.

These are my days, those wonderful moments

As if ,   it wasn't  happened, I had  slept, and  woke up now .


What happened suddenly, what I lived  in life ?

Almighty didn 't allow  for the moment of joy ? 

Give me  back my life, my those beautiful days,

Don't  let  me leave the world, give me  back those days.


Give me back my joy,my lovely moments,

No money,neither richness want from you I ...

Only life....joyly moment   I want

Give me back my youth , which I don't satied  !!!



Love Is The World ...


Sometimes I think , what is the world ?

In this life ... which I knew ?

Is it air, is it water or breath ... is  the world?

What is... the world ... which ...  I knew  ?


Living  for years, thought only this ,

Everytime asked  from myself, when ...  was alone

How can I leave this world , without knowing what is  this ?

What  is ? ... what  the world  is this ?


Years ... months ...  passed ... years of my life,

Everything became  to nil , as arrow... thrown to the stone

Stayed  alone in life, kept  myself out  of all ...

And  thought, what  was ... what  was my fault is ?


Dreaming again,  returned to my question.

What is... the world ... which ...  I knew  ?

At that moment  heard a whisper ...

World ... which you don't know ...  is your broken  love !!!




Ismayilova Mesme Aliyulla Qizi  was born on December 26, 1963 in Azerbaijan . Lives in Baku- the capital of Azerbaijan. Finished school number 182 in Baku, and graduated English language faculty of Azerbaijan State Foreign Language University . She is a Doctor of Philosophy on Philology and a senior teacher of  Foreign Languages   at  Foreign Language Center of  Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Baku. She is the author of 6 scientific theses, 13 scientific  articles, 3 foreign publishing  articles, 1 program, 1 methodological manual, 1 translated book, 45 literary translations. Married, has two children.

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