Friday, October 1, 2021







We came to this world to meet souls,

not people.

To make strangers family,

To call childhood pinky-promises,


We are here to feel with our hearts,

And to see the way the sun shines in

the eyes of those we love.

The sun doesn't pick who it shines for,

it just does.

Leave your soul light on,

That's how your tribe will find you.





Sit down with the fears.

Don't be rude, and say thank you.

Let them know their time

expired and this is their official

eviction notice.

Fears have been living rent free,

while we rent time to live freely.





No one said

they were sorry

for the things that happened to me,

They guilted me for how I reacted.

I pushed it all down,

with a gulp of water,

with years of tears,

but even the ocean caves in

and allows the storm to pass.

It waits for the tide to settle

with grace and patience.

I bite my salty lips,

get up and keep going,

waiting for the chaos to settle,

hoping for patience and grace

to liberate me. 





YINA ROJAS: Life and love enthusiastic, Yina, owner of Threaded by Rojas (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) uses life experiences to share with the world through her writings. Her writings are anywhere from traditional poetry to free verses with a punch, right where you need it. She has been writing for as long as she remembers and continues to do so because ‘when you appreciate what life has to offer every day, one can find inspiration in the small things.’

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