Monday, May 1, 2023



My Soul Suffers


Suffer hard, this soul of mine.

She is sore and silent.

Sad and mute, she cries

and drowns in a deep

Sadness and melancholy.


This soul is short of breath

suffocated by so much human indifference,

where the little joys,

slowly die and a penalty

unspeakable takes over.


I look into the eyes of the future,

the wonderful ones of my little nephew

and I feel my heart tighten.

I think if his life will ever be

baptized by a better world.


I wish there could be

a new glimmer of hope,

illuminating his life

and that of others

in a world that is not free.


Paper Loves


I deluded myself that I had lived moments of love,

Even if they looked like crumpled petals of a daisy used for my “he loves me, he loves me not.

I wanted that little flower to be my crystal ball, from where I could glimpse the sad truth in chiaroscuro.

Then one day I realized that the daisy was left with no more petals, while that love you showed like a banner was nothing but a paper love that the first breath of wind had already taken away.


The Two Of Us In The Cosmos


We two, wandering eternally,

like two souls in the cosmos.


We met a long time ago.

We were just looks

vibrating in the surrounding silence.

The fear of the other and of the other,

in silence, spun thick cobwebs.

Then, that thread she used to embroider

our new days

I let light and fire filter through

of passion in our dark souls.

Our eager lips touch each other

and our unfastened fingers

descend along our immature bodies,

to seal that encounter.

Time has fled

and we, like new gates,

dug into our hearts,

we emerge from the new

avalanche of love.




CONCETTA LA PLACA The author, Concetta la Placa, was born in Caltanissetta on 07/30/1960 and lives in Rome. From an early age she has always shown that she has a creative nature. Degree in social policy management. She loves literature and poetry. Love reading and creative writing. In December 2020 she released his first collection, entitled "Cosmic Love and Emotions in the Wind". It's a collection of 55 poems, all linked by a single thread: Cosmic Love, which is love for the little things that surround us in this immensity and love for simplicity enriched only by pure emotions and true feelings. The author has published several poems in numerous national and international anthologies by various authors. Even in various national and international E-Books such as the contest of "San Lorenzo, a beacon for peace 2022", in the E-book of the Literary Magazine "Cultura Oltre" dedicated to the World Poetry Day "March 21: it's poetry" and in the latest E-Book "Gold, incense and myrrh" by Solair De Poetas (Portugal). Three poems by author: Concetta La Placa, Italy.

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