Monday, May 1, 2023



War Of Addictions


In the grip of addiction, life seems like a war,

a daily battle, a fight to ignore

the need of the substance, the urge to indulge,

a call of a siren that's hard to repulse.


The demon inside you, that never relents,

the voice in your head that forever torments,

the whispers that tell you to simply give in,

that say it is all right to let your guard thin


But it's never too late to turn it (all) around

to fight the battle, to stand your ground

There’s people around you who love you and care

to help you break free from addiction’s despair.


There still is hope, like a light in the dark,

a strength that can spring from the depths of your heart,

a motive to fight, to not just give in,

to overcome Hell and to finally win.


It will not be easy, but it can be done

Help, and support you(‘ll) need from everyone

Your family and friends, and the people who know

the battle you fight, the pain and the woe.


Then with each passing day, the struggle grows less,

you’re more in control, you’re feeling more blessed,

and as you emerge from the darkness within,

the battle will end and free life will begin.

©Evita Constantinou




My match is uneven.

The opponent ruthless.

The battle is tough.

A red card for hope.

I longed for halftime.

At ninety, I won.

You asked for extra time.

I see delays.

The minutes are agonizing.

You played me slyly.

The pain is the referee.

Clearly against me.

Eight penalties in total.

I thought we were already done.

I relaxed, I forgot. I fell fighting.

You took advantage of the fall.

You celebrated with arrogance.

You laughed ironically.

I didn't hear a whistle.

Nothing is over yet.

Fear me, remember it.

Tears arm me.

Bitterness doping me.

Let's go to the final.

The end will be imminent.

© Evita Constantinou


Haiku About Spring


Birds in the sky

Rise with morning light

Spring has arrived.


Sunlight warms land,

Birdsong in the gentle breeze,

Green sprouts appear.


Flowers in bloom,

A gentle morning dew drops,

Colourful sight.


Fresh new blooms of spring

a perfect song of joy

birds chirping sweetly.


Petals unfurling,

Spring's warmth rises new life,

Blooming in beauty.


Blossoms on the trees,

Butterflies in the breeze,

Spring's beauty unfolds.


Nature's symphony,

Birds, trees, rivers, all in tune,

Harmony sublime.

©Evita Constantinou




EVITA CONSTANTINOU was born and raised in Limassol, where she currently lives with her husband and their three children. She studied at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Ioannina and has been working as a teacher in primary schools for twenty years. She began writing poetry from a young age, composing both free verse and traditional rhyming poems about everyday life and social issues. Her particular interest lies in Cypriot poetry and local dialect. Nine of her poems have been set to music by composer Ioannis Chatzis, each capturing a different musical style and encompassing a wide range of musical sounds. 6 of the songs are included on the musical album "Like a Kite," which accompanies her first poetry collection, "Kite's Ascension," which was self-published. Both her poetry collection and her children's fairy tale have been approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and are included in the school curriculum. As a concerned spirit, she constantly develops and evolves by following various circles of writing workshops, poetry and children's literature. She actively participates in various social, philanthropic, and cultural activities throughout Cyprus. Her works are also published in various online literary magazines or blogs and announcements of her poems in radio broadcasts. She is registered in the Union of Cypriot Writers - ELK, the Cyprus Children and Youth Book Association (CYBBY), and the Limassol Writers Society - Vasilis Michailidis. Since 2021, she belongs to the writing force of the publishing house Chronos Editions.


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