Monday, May 1, 2023





The birds dance to the tunes of mermaids

While the waves compete with each other

As to which is the highest, the largest, the rogue one

The fauna on land stands,

transfixed in some music only they can hear

While the flora feels a tremor in their veins

Thunders boast of their din

Lightnings flash, each one brighter than the other

And I,

Drenched in my own whims,

Can only try to manage my emotions

As I cannot decide if I should be happy or sad

At this world that has welcomed my coming

But which I shall have to bid adieu, at some point in life!


The clouds smile silently at my musings

And the rains falling upon me

Pour in their poetry,

So nostalgic and so powerful

That all I can do is see it all in

And allow it to bleed from the tips of my fingers!


The Timing


I came in front of a bridge which was made of a strong rope

And hesitated to walk across it

As it was swinging to and fro with the thrusts of the wind!


On the other side, I could see peace, personified as my muse

And stability as it would settle in my heart

More, I could see happiness and satisfaction

As they would take over my mind

And spirituality, as it would sing of its tunes to my soul!


I walked in, step by step,

Clinging on to the sides, as hard as I could

Wanting desperately to get to the other side


Screamed in horror as the gales grew in might

And had me falling into the depths of darkness

Only to wake up, comfortably, in my bed,

With the realisation that the other side is beautiful

But, that now was not yet my time to cross over!




I have accepted his love

It is now well anchored in my heart

It is what bids me to smile amidst storms

And to cry in his absence


I have accepted the rose that he placed in my hand

Wanting to be tended to by his hands,

Wanting to be his rose, unique and precious


I have accepted the fires that follow me in my choice

Of loving him

Ready to engulf me in their flames at any time,

Ready to devour my contentment and my joy

Ready to annihilate me into smoky ashes


I guess love is all about submission

At the same time, it is all about understanding

How a person functions and being in accordance

With how the strings of his instrument are to be played!



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