Monday, May 1, 2023



Mathematic Of The Wind


I'd like to sit in a chair on the veranda with my eyes closed

And listen to the wind, I do not know why.

The wind brings the rustle of leaves, it was exposed.

One leaf broke off and fell to the ground nearby.


I caught the sound of falling, it not wounds

And the quiet susurration of its movement on the floor.

A soundless flight was between the sounds.

Its sensation gives a transcendental state, but I wanted more.


The silent flight connects two sounds

Which the leaf produces without floor grinding.

This is a snippet of a tune sounding around

This is the melody my magnolia is singing.


Autumn evokes a lyrical sad mood,

And the wind is an imaginary instrument,

Which awakens the sounds of the soul very good

There is no boundary between the sounds as an event.


This is what autumn sounds like.


The Morning After Low Tide.


Footprints on the sea bottom like a washboard

The sea was cleaning the bottom all night.

All the crabs and shrimps hid under the stones and boards.

Only shells remained that could not hide.


The wind blew all night tirelessly, and by morning it stops,

In the puddles on the asphalt, the water calmed down.

The blue sky is reflected in them, and a sunray pops.

Lonely cars and people appeared, and life returned to the town.


Sunset In Ocean Springs.


Already the sun is rolling towards sunset and fading my soul balance.

And the wind in the park carries leaves and fluffs through the air.

They circle above me and suddenly soar all at ones

And they fly away, but sadness comes with the sorrow in pair.


Flowers fold their petals suddenly, and butterflies fly away as mad.

They fly fast like years of youth, I can't hold them, only remember.

My first reveries have changed like flowers, they are almost dead.

I am waiting the March, and everything will come to life, and now it's December.


The Moon


The moon has risen, my goddess of the night,

The rustles hide in the woodland shade;

I hear someone's laughter of unknown delight

This shadow may lead to my happiness gate.


It's hard among unknown spirits solitary rove,

To the night's shade, I doubt of the soul confide;

Silently the moon illuminates the silent grove,

And the moon makes my thoughts bright.


Oh moon, you are the queen of my dreams from the sky height,

I feel your charms of the night and have the endless drew;

The sky of my Tennessee today without a veil of the cloud's night;

The moon caresses my heart and my wide-open eyes too.


Uncertain Future


I don't know how it happened. 

After the kiss, your eyes changed shape. 

This transformation can't be explained, 

It is as a clip from a horror movie tape.


Your love transformed into a time machine.

The machine changes old stars to new ones.

Maybe I'm tired of life and need medicine?

Maybe you lost your trust in our life balance?


The static noise in our relations began not far away.

It means the uncertainty of our tomorrow.

I see how in your eyes began to fade star way.

Because your love faded, my heart was filled with sorrow.


I hope our souls can renew the love. 

I can't take my eyes off you. 

Why are the angels silent above? 

I feel we can transfer the color of the sky from grey to blue




VLADIMIR DOLGOV: Born in 1951 in the USSR, graduated from LITLP with a degree in Polymer Technology. In 1991 moved to the United States. He is interested in ancient history, reads a lot about Buddhism and Hinduism, and loves ancient Chinese and Japanese authors.  He makes drawings, loves jazz, and sometimes plays improvisations. He has retired and live on the Gulf coast. He loves to swim and ride bike. He is politically neutral. He considers the preservation of the planet's environment to be the main one.

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