Monday, May 1, 2023



Two Streets From Here


Two streets from here

It was winter

And you came in-

You abandoned Yourself

In my arms

Like the pounding rain

Exploding your loneliness

And you sought Shelter in me.

In those moments

You would have been prepared

To cry and to leave,

Knowing that this is

As close as it gets

And yet you cannot Stay.


We Met One Night


We met

One night

On the July train

You were holding a helium moon

In your hand.

We have two or three stations to go"

And a little sea,” you told me.

You invited me to dance

Whispering butterfly words

To die of their beauty

To die.

Then the engine stopped

Between the winter tracks

And a strawberry field,

That disappeared,

I got off holding only a smiling string

Having touched for a moment

The perfect forever.


I Stayed


I stayed

Where you left me

In the page

That made me

Fall in love


While you

Finished the book

And took

The hero away.




SHULAMIT SAPIR-NEVO: From Israel. Is a writer, a poet and the CEO of OURBOOX. She has published several books of poetry, in Hebrew, English, Arabic, and a novel. Many of her original poems in Hebrew and other poems that were translated into English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic were published in international newspapers and websites. She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry. She is a member of the "Israeli Writers Society"”

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